torsdag 30. september 2010

Viking theme

I just did this today. And I've been biting those damn cuticles again, sorry about that.

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onsdag 29. september 2010

Discrete autumn

Really quick and easy mani today. Two colours and some bling!
Arrgh, my fingers are so red. lol

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mandag 27. september 2010

China Glaze Anchors Away

Most nail polish addicts is probably well aware of this collection, but I'm sharing anyway! I really love CG's polishes, and I'm really looking forward to this collection which releases next spring (2011). The colours looks really good, and I spot some classics in the bunch.

The picture is copy-pasted from the rack photo at, and swatches from Victoria Nail Supply.

And many thanks to CG for not threatening to sue people like O.P.I for posting previews. I mean come on, it's wonderful to know at least something about the coming collections! This way we can sit ready with our VISA's. lol
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lørdag 25. september 2010

Petal Barbie

I wanted to do something girly on the nails this weekend, and when I saw the sun when I got up today it was final. Pink it shall be, I thought.

Here's the result this time, only so so but atleast it sparkles. I used acrylic paint and glitter.

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torsdag 23. september 2010

Behind the desk

First of all, I'm so sorry for my absent this week. I've had some family stuff to cope with but anywho, I'm back with a secretary look today (and short nails, hmpfh)! Hope you like it.

To copy newspaper print on you nails (doesn't have to be words), here's what you can do:

1. Choose a creme as base colour preferably.
2. Have a shot of rubbing alcohol or vodka ready, to dip your nails in! I chose Koskenkorva this time, the cap is a perfect shot glass size. mhmm, moving on.
3. A piece from the newspaper that is 2cm wider then your nail and in same length.
4. Top coat.

Dip you nail into the alcohol for a couple of seconds, this will loosen grime and let the ink transfer. While your nail is wet, take the piece of paper and place it over the nail. Be careful not to disturb the paper after you've placed it. Now press the paper firmly on, I recommend pressing the nail into the palm of your hand. Sit like this for 30-40 seconds, and then remove the paper. Apply a top coat.
There you go!

You cannot use glossy magazines for this.

Also, "fun" fact. Didn't notice which part of the paper I used on my thumb there. So I got the words "Alzheimer" and "Demens" (dementia) on the same nail.. lol Read more

onsdag 15. september 2010

Norwegian Marble

Well, it was supposed to be a neutral marble, but all my browns are hopeless to work with on water for some reason. So red, white and blue it is! And today was not really my day for marbling, spilled acetone and nail polish on my desk, forgot to put on vaseline on some fingers, on my other hand red and white mixed and turned out pink.. The list is longer.

I sort of liked the graffiti effect on two of the nails there thou :)

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mandag 13. september 2010

NYX Girls, Amore

Pretty pretty pretty! This is an orange-red polish with golden shimmer. I just love that the amount of red doesn't disturb the orange colour.
NYX Girls have a great application in general and the bottles are super cute, this one is no different.

I've heard it chips easily, but to be honest. I rarely wear the same colour for more then two-three days, and even more rarely without a top coat so it lasts just fine for me. So here's some swatches for you, taken in the photobox without top coat.

Going to buy some matte dark paper to places my hands on for pictures. Found out the light colours makes it real hard for my camera to focus. *lightbulb over my head*
Also notice my cuticles. This really worked like heaven! And I've been rubbing in my shea mix two times a day up from once a week ;)

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lørdag 11. september 2010

Creams and lotions you don't use

Have you ever bought an expensive cream, serum or whatever that doesn't work for your facial skin? I know I have. So today while I was looking in my cabinet for things to throw out, I found my Jan Marini transformation cream, Jan Marini C-esta serum and Decleor ylang ylang balm. All these are, ngh, not so cheap and so I haven't built up the courage to throw them in the bin yet.

After I had done a handcial, I needed some (a lot) moisture. The nail oil wasn't enough, I didn't bother to start extracting shea butter from the large clump so I rubbed on the c-esta serum and the transformation cream (looove the smell). My cuticles and fingers feels so silky soft now.. If you have creams that is still usable, use them on your hands and feet, they will love you for it :)

I really hate throwing things out when the jars are almost full. I always keep the jars thou, since I mix and make a lot of things myself, i.e I'm going to press shea butter and oil mix in an empty vaseline tin later (cuticle cream of course!). And another tip, if you want to depot your lipsticks or you have lip balms in inconvenient containers, depot them in contact lens containers. This way you can carry two of your favourite colours in one small container.

So I hope this post will remind you of what you have in your cabinet, and that some of it might still be very usable for other things.

Have a great weekend!
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onsdag 8. september 2010

Zalazane's fall and inspired mani

As some of you know, tomorrow for EU players (already live on US) they are launching the Zalazane's fall event during maintenance. This is a piece of lore for what's happening in the Cataclysm expansion, and if you participate you will get a feast of strength achievement. Yay!
Echo isles will be the new starting area for trolls after Zalazane's fall. And as the looks of it, it's going to be the best area to start in for totally new players. You know this guy well if you're a horde.

So because of the awesome poster they've made, I decided to make a mani based on it. Had some troubles with Vol'jin's eyes but what the ick. I loved doing this one because of all the sponging and no fear of going outside the lines :)

Borrowed from mmo-champion

Freehand and sponge techniques

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mandag 6. september 2010

Purple dimension

Added a lil' something on my foxy nails to make them more interesting, while I'm watching Selena. I love that film for some reason.

What you do to achieve this is close to nothing. Use a lighter shade of your base colour, with glitter if you want and make a hockey stick with air between the shaft. On the other side, use a darker version of your base colour or black and create a line.

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søndag 5. september 2010

NYX, Foxy

I have written about this polish previously, but I'm giving it another shot and some better pictures since I was in a hurry last time.
Foxy is a veeery pretty shimmer purple that really pops in the sunlight (almost holographic, but this is not the case in normal lighting), but the formula is so thin.. I needed four coats and it takes for ever to harden even with Seche Vite dry fast top coat. Opi drip dry added to my shopping list!

These polishes comes with a flat brush, for those that likes that. The packaging is good and the price is okey. I would expect more of a CG quality since they have almost the same price tag, but no. Not this colour at least.

The tips are missing a little colour because I'm typing while the polish is drying completely. I'm a geek!
Four coats with top coat, sunlight

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torsdag 2. september 2010


Summer is basically over, it's a long time until Easter.. I had to use this sunny day for what it's worth, pastels!

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