søndag 5. september 2010

NYX, Foxy

I have written about this polish previously, but I'm giving it another shot and some better pictures since I was in a hurry last time.
Foxy is a veeery pretty shimmer purple that really pops in the sunlight (almost holographic, but this is not the case in normal lighting), but the formula is so thin.. I needed four coats and it takes for ever to harden even with Seche Vite dry fast top coat. Opi drip dry added to my shopping list!

These polishes comes with a flat brush, for those that likes that. The packaging is good and the price is okey. I would expect more of a CG quality since they have almost the same price tag, but no. Not this colour at least.

The tips are missing a little colour because I'm typing while the polish is drying completely. I'm a geek!
Four coats with top coat, sunlight


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