My WoW characters

Let me start off with saying that I am not a raider. I hate pugs where people leave like leafs from a tree during fall, and the lack of good and mature non-swedish speaking guilds on my server is huge.

So, yeah. There they are. My main is Elraniata, whiiiich you've probably figured by now. I use her all the time, and I feel I know what I need to about the class. Her survival specc is great for dungeons btw, and in raids where you move a lot, Ulduar for example.

Frøken is my healer. I do a descent job with her, and I have killed a boss with my bare sticks when the rest of the group was dead. Awesome memory. I don't prioritise her really, I just use her enchanting skills and some PvP healing.

Nubkaijk is my newest player as we speak. I really enjoy being a lock, although I'm not always sure what to click when I'm in a group that kills trash like flies. *Spam rain of fire and seed of corruption*

Contreau is neglected. I do enjoy tanking, but I'm so chicken that I don't dare to put myself in the random group finder. Why? Because people really hate "noob" tanks with blue gear. I might do as I planned for her, retri PvP. Time will tell, but as for now she's my low level booster.

Nâvi and Frumento are my random players I play when I'm bored. For those who didn't know, I was a mage before TBC.

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