lørdag 31. juli 2010

Yarr, freehand

A week since I last wrote something. It's gone by so fast!
Anyway, this time I made a pirate inspired mani, which a friend of mine suggested. In the dark I can't stop looking at it because it's shiiiny. And I only have silver coins, better luck next time matey!

So here goes, natural lighting

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søndag 25. juli 2010

Essie, Mesmerize

Essie essie essie.. How I was let down. I've always considered Essie like an exclusive brand since it's much harder to get as cheap as China Glaze (I'm Scrooge), and which you won't. I might be in a nail polish hate relationship lately since I'm half-way slaughtering almost everything (read: ELF and now Essie in a few days period. And even a China Glaze one).

The colour is a faaaabulous royal blue, and the Essie bottle is pretty and neutral. The brush is great, and perfect for those of us with pinkie nails in the width of a thread. I felt it was a little "splosjh" to apply thou, but that's probably because the bottle is so full and the polish gets all over the brush. Phuuuh

I needed a big drop on each nail and work quickly, otherwise it actually streaked a bit. But no worries, a good top coat will even it out.

Three coats (two gives plenty colour) with top coat, sunlight

Based mostly on the colour, I definitely recommend it. + Essie has a great durability. Read more

lørdag 24. juli 2010

In the navy!

Today with the wonderful sun shining (rare), I decided to go nautical as some people call it, or navy or marine on my nails. Pick a choice :)
Of course I had to go down to the docks to take the pictures, while I was there I saw one kid trying to jump to shore, and failed *SPLASH*. And a 10yo boy taking off alone with a boat. He couldn't be older then that, no way.

So now my shining translucent body have a red tone, and I feel sorry for the many many people that got blinded from my legs. Wonder if they have their sight back now..

With marine background:

Items used
Essie mesmerize (royal blue)
Two way nail art pens: white, yellow and orange
Gold coloured nail art pearls
NailTek foundation III (iiiek, it's starting to clump!)
Seche Vite top coat

It's seagulls, stripes (doh), starfishies and an anchor if you couldn't tell :) And I guess the pearls can be a sisal rope. lol Read more

onsdag 21. juli 2010

PHD entry

Polish Hoarder Disorder have weekly nail design challenges, and so this time I decided to join in! You've might have noticed my lack of nail design pictures, I've just been sooo busy with the kitten (called Fenris) and I'm not going to lie, lack of inspiration.

So here is! I only have one grey polish actually, and it's a blue toned one, so I've used acrylic paint, CG White Out and CG Flying Dragon this time. The challenge require greyscale and one colour.

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søndag 18. juli 2010

China Glaze, Tree Hugger

After the frustration with E.L.F, I had to put on a good looking easy going polish. Tree hugger from the 2008 ecollection was my choice. I looove this green. I think the picture captured a realistic shot of it. But it is of course a little darker and richer when you don't stand in the sunlight.

I'm also planning on future pics to be like this one. I just need to improve my closeup pic skill, a lot.

Two coats with top coat, outside
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E.L.F's new polishes, swatch and review

Finally got to try the elf polishes, and what a waste of money that is (even for being this cheap)! Well, the colours is actually quite pretty so I will probably use these for nail decorating.
Let me start off with the brush, it is EVERYWHERE. Fat, loose hair and the bristle have various lenghts. It makes the application pretty horrible and streaky and for the first time in my life I'm having troubles with air bubbles.

Also, the smoky brown was missing balls. lol! Funny to say it like that, but you know those little things in the bottle that helps blend the colour. So it had streaks of orange and black in it, and it doesn't really look that smoky to me. I was expecting a much more muted grey tone to it. But hey, it's still a pretty good looking brown.
Perhaps I should give it a go with a better quality brush?

None of the polishes were evenly mixed.

Kinda bad pics, but since they're not really worth the go unless you have a couple of brushes laying around ooor want to use them in easy nail art designs.. :)

I think desert haze was my favourite actually. Read more

fredag 16. juli 2010

French mani and new kitten!

I'll start with today's mani. Simple french tip for once. I used to be hooked on french, but I've gone into the bold world lately!

I used base coat, one coat of O.P.I I'm yours. It's very sheer.
Then I painted the tips with China Glaze White Out, topped it with another coat of O.P.I (I usually apply it before the white on the tips is totally dry, that way it blends a tiny bit), and then sealed it in with top coat.

Forgot to apply nail oil as usual. Sigh..

And here's the new family member! We don't have a name for him yet thou, any suggestions?

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onsdag 14. juli 2010

Cheap polish brand: Jordana, Creamy Fuchsia

First off, this is a neon colour which unfortunately wouldn't show up on the pictures. It's not just pinkpink. Also it looks orange in a few situations with artificial light.
Moving on, I used three coats to make it cover completely. I bet many of you can pull it off with two coats. The formula is good to work with, but it takes for ever to dry if you don't have a dry fast top coat.

Note that Jordana chips fairly easy, so use extra top coat on the tips if you want it to last longer. I get bored of colours so easily so I don't have that problem :)

Low budget approved
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mandag 12. juli 2010

DIY acetone nailpolish remover

So I decided to make my own acetone remover today. Nail polish removers in Norway is expensive per litre, so why not make it myself.
Note that you can pretty much play around and test out which recipe you like the most. This is just what I ended up with.

Products I used:
Acetone (bought at the hardware store)
Vegetable glycerine
Teatree oil (use whatever essential oil you want, i.e lemongrass oil)
Neem oil (again, whatever essential oil you want)
Bottle container
Measuring tools

Pour 40ml acetone in your bottle container and add 5ml water (for a strong remover). Then pour in approx 2ml glycerine, 2 drops teatre oil and one big drop neem oil. Shake well.
If you use an essential oil for the scent, there's no problem in adding plenty of drops. The glycerine will make sure it blends well.

I recommend using small measurements at first, and add more as you go. When you find a blend you like, double the numbers and fill your container!

"focus on the background" bottle
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søndag 11. juli 2010

Cheap polish brand: Jordana, Night Fall

Ooouie, I like the look of this one! It's a black polish with tiny silver glitter particles. Perfect for Halloween perhaps?

The formula is very runny, and on the first coat like all black I've tried, it's very sheer. With a little thicker 2nd coat it has enough coverage to satisfy me. It dries of semi-matte and a little gritty, but with one stroke of top coat it looks and feels wonderful.
I must comment that this formula requires more control to keep out of the cuticles, so I don't recommend it for people in a hurry or with shaky hands.

Daylight w/top coat, two coats

Daylight w/top coat and flash, two coats

Yeah, I blurr out my cuticles ^^,

Low budget approved
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fredag 9. juli 2010

My hunter, fun facts

Elixir consumed most: Noggenfogger elixir 358
Beverage consumed most: Cup of venom brew 258
Critters killed: 5069
Death from falling: 37
Total times LOL'd: 94
Fish and other things caught: 6768

I promise. WoW is serious business!

Old time flashback, the felscale set! Hoho
And if anyone have a clue what sword she's holding, do feel free to share. I have no clue.
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E.L.F's new polishes

Sort of late to say this now perhaps, but 10 days ago I decided to try out E.L.F nail polish. Which was sort of perfect timing since they've recently launched a couple of new colours. I went ahead and ordered, omg.. It took them 10 days to send the package. What is that? I don't really care that they might have high demands, 10 days is unacceptable without any warning.

Anyway, these are the colours I ordered from the new ones:


Mint Cream

Desert Haze

Smoky Brown

And a couple of the old ones.
The US store have a lot more new colours then the EU one. Nah fairh! Read more

torsdag 8. juli 2010

Peachy keen summer

I like China Glaze - Peachy keen so much that I had to put it on now when the sun is shining. Added two pieces from fimo canes just to avoid the plainness.

Don't you just love cellphone pics.. The camera will be back on saturday!
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onsdag 7. juli 2010

Oh long johnson

I just love this old clip. OooOOOOoooh my dog!
Johnson is an American slang for penis btw.

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tirsdag 6. juli 2010

Moss princess

Here's my mani at the moment. Christ I hate white polish.. They always go thick after a few weeks/months open. Guess I need to buy a thinner soon.

Items used
L.A colors Amp'd (pink)
Jordana Green Glitz
Depend 32, white
NailTek foundation III
Seche Vite top coat

Daylight, cellphone pic
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søndag 4. juli 2010

Chicken w/ stuffed mushroom

I have to share this recipe.. Since my bf is gone on vacation, I can really experiment in the kitchen.
I have to invite my dad to taste this aswell.

1 person
You'll need (or take what ever you have!)
1 Chickenbreast, with spice of your choice. I use a wasabi/sesame seed spice.
2 Mushrooms
1 teasp Pesto
1 tblsp Feta- or you can use cream cheese
1/4 Onion
1 Clove of a garlic
1/3 Chicken stock
1/3 teasp Soy sauce
1 teasp Mustard
1/2 teasp Rosemary
1 tblsp Corn
1 dl Cream (I use soy cream, love the nutty flavour)
1-2 tblsp Bacondices
1 tblsp Shredded cheese
Cooking oil and butter

Preheat oven to 350 F (175 C).
In a pan, heat up some oil and give the seasoned chicken some colour on medium/high heat.
Cut off the ends of the mushrooms stems, and throw them away. Carefully cut out the rest of the stem, and chop in small pieces.
Chop garlic and onion, and heat in another pan with melted butter. Low heat. Add the mushroom stems that you chopped, pesto, feta cheese and corn. Season with salt and pepper.

Fill the mushrooms with a spoon, carefully pressing the mix you've made in it. Put some shredded cheese on top if you like.

Place the chicken on a pan with itsy bit water in it, this way the chicken won't get dry while cooking in the oven. On another pan, place the mushrooms. Let it cook for 18-20min in the middle of the oven. While it's cooking you can make the sauce.

Don't rinse the pan you made the mushroom stuffing in, just pour in the cream and chicken stock and let it cook on very low heat. Add bacon, rosemary, mustard and soy sauce.

I took a pic, with my phone ofc since the camera is gone for a week. I'll upload it when I can find the cord. Read more

lørdag 3. juli 2010

Lady Sinestra

Borrowed picture from mmo-champion

She looks like Spyro meets Kil'jaeden with a touch of Ragnaros. Hoho maybe I'm just weird, she still looks cool thou. Read more


Here I am, sitting with my feet in a way too hot footbath eating a yoghurt and thinking about my day.

In WoW I've been heroicly trying to get Frostscythe of Lord Ahune to drop on my druid and warlock. No such luck, and when it first dropped I got it on my hunter. Seriously blizzard? Bah.. I'll keep my fingers crossed for my last two chances before midsummer ends.
I also purchased the Battered Hilt for 8500g for my hunter. And the real reason was to experience the questline, which was good enough. I would never spend that much on a weapon only. Crazy? Maybe. But I hold no regrets.

What else, my bf went to scoutcamp. So I'm home alone for a week. I thought it would be fun, but now I have the feeling of being scared. I suppose I'm so used to someone coming home every day that thinking about being alone freaks me out, I'll call a friend tomorrow and make her move in with me. lol
I promised myself to not watch any horror movies aswell, but I haven't kept that promise. Farewell sleep. Think I'll go for a run in my new running tights. <3 them. Read more

fredag 2. juli 2010

Beta invites

If you don't follow mmo-champion like a slave (*cough* I do!). I figured I had to share the fact that Blizzard have started to send out Cataclysm invites to the ones they pick out. All you have to do is make sure you have activated the beta profile settings, and update your mail like a crazy person.

This is the first batch of invites, and I think they're done sending them out soon. But they will keep sharing invites in the weeks before the release. I have my hopes up!

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So I received my package from kremfresh yesterday. I could smell my mailbox 3m away, mmm I ordered a lot of handmade soaps because I like to put them in my closets so the clothes and towels smell good.
This is a Norwegian store, so I guess this entry won't be too useful for my non norwegian readers. Anyway, maybe I'll have a giveaway one day? :)

Oenothera restoring moisturiser spf 15

"Morningfresh" Pineapple scented moisturising soap. This one I put in my bf's closet.

"Mango for two" Mango scented soap

"Cocolate" Coconut soap

"The favourite" Lemon and lavender soap, this one is in my closet. Super fresh smell.

Argiletz clay

"All clean" with bergamot and Foot salt with tea tree and lemongrass

Reviews inc. Read more

torsdag 1. juli 2010


I went totally nuts last night and started to stick tons of stuff on my nails, lol! I'm not really that kind of girl, but o'boy was it fun.

Same on the other hand, ish. I just hate taking pictures of my right hand for some reason.

What I used
CG Bahamian Escape
Vivalanails glitter and stars
Fimo canes
Silver nail art polish
NailTek foundation III
Seche Vite top coat Read more

China Glaze, Bahamian Escape

Love this colour from CG! Lovelovelove it! It came out with the "Bahama Blues" (thank you Lisa for the correction) collection, and it's a creamy baby blue. The colour is a lot softer then on the picture because of the flash.

Application is a dream, and you have a good coverage on the first layer. I used two coats to be all the way happy with it.

I'm addicted to CG. I like their interest in the consumer, compared to O.P.I for example. CG actually cares. Anyway. If you need a baby blue I really recommend this one.

Two coats, flash
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