lørdag 24. juli 2010

In the navy!

Today with the wonderful sun shining (rare), I decided to go nautical as some people call it, or navy or marine on my nails. Pick a choice :)
Of course I had to go down to the docks to take the pictures, while I was there I saw one kid trying to jump to shore, and failed *SPLASH*. And a 10yo boy taking off alone with a boat. He couldn't be older then that, no way.

So now my shining translucent body have a red tone, and I feel sorry for the many many people that got blinded from my legs. Wonder if they have their sight back now..

With marine background:

Items used
Essie mesmerize (royal blue)
Two way nail art pens: white, yellow and orange
Gold coloured nail art pearls
NailTek foundation III (iiiek, it's starting to clump!)
Seche Vite top coat

It's seagulls, stripes (doh), starfishies and an anchor if you couldn't tell :) And I guess the pearls can be a sisal rope. lol

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