søndag 18. juli 2010

E.L.F's new polishes, swatch and review

Finally got to try the elf polishes, and what a waste of money that is (even for being this cheap)! Well, the colours is actually quite pretty so I will probably use these for nail decorating.
Let me start off with the brush, it is EVERYWHERE. Fat, loose hair and the bristle have various lenghts. It makes the application pretty horrible and streaky and for the first time in my life I'm having troubles with air bubbles.

Also, the smoky brown was missing balls. lol! Funny to say it like that, but you know those little things in the bottle that helps blend the colour. So it had streaks of orange and black in it, and it doesn't really look that smoky to me. I was expecting a much more muted grey tone to it. But hey, it's still a pretty good looking brown.
Perhaps I should give it a go with a better quality brush?

None of the polishes were evenly mixed.

Kinda bad pics, but since they're not really worth the go unless you have a couple of brushes laying around ooor want to use them in easy nail art designs.. :)

I think desert haze was my favourite actually.

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