søndag 25. juli 2010

Essie, Mesmerize

Essie essie essie.. How I was let down. I've always considered Essie like an exclusive brand since it's much harder to get as cheap as China Glaze (I'm Scrooge), and which you won't. I might be in a nail polish hate relationship lately since I'm half-way slaughtering almost everything (read: ELF and now Essie in a few days period. And even a China Glaze one).

The colour is a faaaabulous royal blue, and the Essie bottle is pretty and neutral. The brush is great, and perfect for those of us with pinkie nails in the width of a thread. I felt it was a little "splosjh" to apply thou, but that's probably because the bottle is so full and the polish gets all over the brush. Phuuuh

I needed a big drop on each nail and work quickly, otherwise it actually streaked a bit. But no worries, a good top coat will even it out.

Three coats (two gives plenty colour) with top coat, sunlight

Based mostly on the colour, I definitely recommend it. + Essie has a great durability.

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