mandag 12. juli 2010

DIY acetone nailpolish remover

So I decided to make my own acetone remover today. Nail polish removers in Norway is expensive per litre, so why not make it myself.
Note that you can pretty much play around and test out which recipe you like the most. This is just what I ended up with.

Products I used:
Acetone (bought at the hardware store)
Vegetable glycerine
Teatree oil (use whatever essential oil you want, i.e lemongrass oil)
Neem oil (again, whatever essential oil you want)
Bottle container
Measuring tools

Pour 40ml acetone in your bottle container and add 5ml water (for a strong remover). Then pour in approx 2ml glycerine, 2 drops teatre oil and one big drop neem oil. Shake well.
If you use an essential oil for the scent, there's no problem in adding plenty of drops. The glycerine will make sure it blends well.

I recommend using small measurements at first, and add more as you go. When you find a blend you like, double the numbers and fill your container!

"focus on the background" bottle

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