søndag 11. juli 2010

Cheap polish brand: Jordana, Night Fall

Ooouie, I like the look of this one! It's a black polish with tiny silver glitter particles. Perfect for Halloween perhaps?

The formula is very runny, and on the first coat like all black I've tried, it's very sheer. With a little thicker 2nd coat it has enough coverage to satisfy me. It dries of semi-matte and a little gritty, but with one stroke of top coat it looks and feels wonderful.
I must comment that this formula requires more control to keep out of the cuticles, so I don't recommend it for people in a hurry or with shaky hands.

Daylight w/top coat, two coats

Daylight w/top coat and flash, two coats

Yeah, I blurr out my cuticles ^^,

Low budget approved

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