fredag 2. juli 2010


So I received my package from kremfresh yesterday. I could smell my mailbox 3m away, mmm I ordered a lot of handmade soaps because I like to put them in my closets so the clothes and towels smell good.
This is a Norwegian store, so I guess this entry won't be too useful for my non norwegian readers. Anyway, maybe I'll have a giveaway one day? :)

Oenothera restoring moisturiser spf 15

"Morningfresh" Pineapple scented moisturising soap. This one I put in my bf's closet.

"Mango for two" Mango scented soap

"Cocolate" Coconut soap

"The favourite" Lemon and lavender soap, this one is in my closet. Super fresh smell.

Argiletz clay

"All clean" with bergamot and Foot salt with tea tree and lemongrass

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