onsdag 8. september 2010

Zalazane's fall and inspired mani

As some of you know, tomorrow for EU players (already live on US) they are launching the Zalazane's fall event during maintenance. This is a piece of lore for what's happening in the Cataclysm expansion, and if you participate you will get a feast of strength achievement. Yay!
Echo isles will be the new starting area for trolls after Zalazane's fall. And as the looks of it, it's going to be the best area to start in for totally new players. You know this guy well if you're a horde.

So because of the awesome poster they've made, I decided to make a mani based on it. Had some troubles with Vol'jin's eyes but what the ick. I loved doing this one because of all the sponging and no fear of going outside the lines :)

Borrowed from mmo-champion

Freehand and sponge techniques


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