lørdag 11. september 2010

Creams and lotions you don't use

Have you ever bought an expensive cream, serum or whatever that doesn't work for your facial skin? I know I have. So today while I was looking in my cabinet for things to throw out, I found my Jan Marini transformation cream, Jan Marini C-esta serum and Decleor ylang ylang balm. All these are, ngh, not so cheap and so I haven't built up the courage to throw them in the bin yet.

After I had done a handcial, I needed some (a lot) moisture. The nail oil wasn't enough, I didn't bother to start extracting shea butter from the large clump so I rubbed on the c-esta serum and the transformation cream (looove the smell). My cuticles and fingers feels so silky soft now.. If you have creams that is still usable, use them on your hands and feet, they will love you for it :)

I really hate throwing things out when the jars are almost full. I always keep the jars thou, since I mix and make a lot of things myself, i.e I'm going to press shea butter and oil mix in an empty vaseline tin later (cuticle cream of course!). And another tip, if you want to depot your lipsticks or you have lip balms in inconvenient containers, depot them in contact lens containers. This way you can carry two of your favourite colours in one small container.

So I hope this post will remind you of what you have in your cabinet, and that some of it might still be very usable for other things.

Have a great weekend!

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