mandag 13. september 2010

NYX Girls, Amore

Pretty pretty pretty! This is an orange-red polish with golden shimmer. I just love that the amount of red doesn't disturb the orange colour.
NYX Girls have a great application in general and the bottles are super cute, this one is no different.

I've heard it chips easily, but to be honest. I rarely wear the same colour for more then two-three days, and even more rarely without a top coat so it lasts just fine for me. So here's some swatches for you, taken in the photobox without top coat.

Going to buy some matte dark paper to places my hands on for pictures. Found out the light colours makes it real hard for my camera to focus. *lightbulb over my head*
Also notice my cuticles. This really worked like heaven! And I've been rubbing in my shea mix two times a day up from once a week ;)

These bottles are discontinued. But I'm not sure if the colour is..

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