torsdag 28. januar 2010

Arena season 8: mage, wait.. what??

Am I the only one thinking that the season 8 gear for mages looks like.. Warlocks? I mean, yeah, mages have been very similar before, but glowing eyes hidden in a hood? Come on. That's so warlock! Take a look at the first warlock set and combine it a little with tier 4, then dash on some glowing shards on the head and you have mage set. Congratz! Hum..
Which then again brings me to warlock tier 9. That looks like something a mage should wear. And ofc it is, mages tier 9 looks almost exactly the same. Quit the slacking blizz.

On the other hand, the season 8 warlock set looks awesome :) Oh, and so does the hunter set, eventhou it's perhaps one of the most nonspooky pvp sets seen on a hunter. Imo.

Warlock season 8:

Mage season 8:
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Me, My tanking and I

Well, actually I have an 80 protection Paladin but I don't have a clue what I'm doing on her. On my DK on the other hand, I'm now activelyish tanking. The burning crusade-style. You know what, it's alot of fun! Now.. I know these instances better then my own pocket, so I would probably suck and die in any new instances, that's a true challenge for those that play tanks as a main. And I admire it alot. Leading the group around gives you a high satisfaction of power thou, so I recommend that! Hehe..

Girl in charge!

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onsdag 27. januar 2010

The Umbrellaship

Yeah, this was supposed to look like an umbrella with.. raindots, but if you flip it, you have a sailboat. lol I used a painters nylonbrush, yeah you heard me. Thats why it's not really that pretty. I just like to have stuff on my nails.
And yes, it is in fact a christmastree back there, and a sofa standing vertically. Such a mess after we bought a new one :)

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onsdag 20. januar 2010

Glittery Thunder, freehand nail art

Going to start naming my nail-looks now. I'm obsessed with nailpolish lately!

I used a gray polish with a purple undertone, and the glittery polish I've used on the last pics. You can barely see it irl, but the glitter gives the nails some more dimension :) Read more

fredag 15. januar 2010

3d armory, finally for the EU

I noticed last night or the day before? that the US wow armory had new features! But EU didn't, at that point. Today I noticed we have! So here's how I look now, don't be spooked ;)

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torsdag 14. januar 2010

Honey roasted almonds

Oh my god! This is my new favorite snack. The recipe is from, but I found it on Natalie's Killer Cuisine blog. So many tasty recipes on her blog, yuuum..

I am actually to lazy to write the recipe myself, so go to Natalie's blog. I cut the recipe in half, and got a decent amount of nuts out of it. So if you just want to try, i recommend doing that. I also added itsy bit more salt since i love the sweet and salt flavor. Aaand, I used rapeseed oil (neutral taste) since I don't have nut oil in my cabinet. Works like a charm. Read more

More freehand snowflakes nailart, french tip

Nice for us lazy girls, and it will suit all your outfits foh sure ;)
I've used depend's french-manicure set (American), nailart polish in white and silvery glitter.
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Fun mouth and water "exercise"

Fill your mouth 3-4/5 full with water, preferably very cold. Now bite your teeth together (OOO, BIG FISHY MOUTH), remember to have your lips sealed, lol. Tilt your head to the faaar left, slowly, and let gravity fill your cheek with water. Now do the same to the right, go back and forward a few times. Isn't it a funny feeling?
Ps, it's smart to do this alone. Otherwise; 1. People will think you're crazy. 2. They might make you start to laugh, and you'll get a shower.

To clear things up. Yes. I'm bored.

Pook pook poook

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onsdag 6. januar 2010

Snowflake freehand nail art

Since it's winter I made some easy nail art to match the season. And ofc I paled out my skin in a try of making it gray, instead I ended up like an old lady with dry skin *runs to apply some cream*.

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