torsdag 6. januar 2011

I'm alive!!

Happy new year!

Again I've used ages between posts. My reason being? Well, I needed some me time. I'm the kind of person that gets exhausted after 2hrs outside the house, and with Christmas and cleaning to do my brain have unplugged whenever it can.
So now I have my energy halfway back and I'm looking greatly forward to all the new nail polish collections coming this winter.

On the beauty side of life, I've kept it very simple with french manis, and 2011 started for me with blacks and grays. Wearing CC Revvvolution as we speak. Have you used a specific side of the colourwheel this year? And does your mood effect the colours you choose? I tend to use dark colours when I need to relax, and brigther sparkly ones to quickly recharge. Funny how that works.. :)

Here's a picture of the latest artsie stuff (late December, totally last year). Tried out a glitter polish from Savina, the worst goopy thing ever created.. I really suck at taking pictures too. It actually looks pretty and sparkly in real life.
Also, cold sores and acetone don't mix well AND I just ran out of non-acetone. On to the positive, I've bought myself a lot of new skincare products.

Unplugged brain = less wow too. I've reached 85, barely done any dungeons, no hc's and so on.. At least I'm only an inch away from 525 archeology skill. And I got to tame Arcturis (the see thru spirit beast bear), yay!

That should sum it up! Hope y'all have had a nice Christmas, and I also hope you haven't made a ton of new years resolutions you can't keep. Read more