onsdag 31. mars 2010

To make the holidays past faster

Holidays have always been a little difficult in my dysfunctional family. So today I decided to just crank up the volume and exercise. Exergame? ;)
The bicycle sucks btw. If it weren't for the wonderful decorations I would throw it out. I can't really push much before it breaks or something, so I just move my arms alot to make my heart pump. On shore swimmer. 30 min with that, 30 min of weightlifting and various moves on the floor is what I do when there's alot of people outside. Dislike sweatin' in public.

On-floor moves today:
The plank
Push-up (my wrists really can't handle these. I do them on my knuckles instead)
Random pilates moves I don't know the name of

And my meal after my easygoing exercises is this: Protein Delite (delicious, but I recommend shifting out the strawberrychunks, yuk) 1 scoop. Noka Dietshake (to make it more of a meal then proteinshake. Noka is high in carbs, that's why I replace a little with protein) 1/2 scoop Strawberry and 1 scoop Vanilla mixed with 2,5dl milk. Yummy.

*Keeps pumpin' for that fab bikini ass*

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So yesterday I was all alone, I got to the point of boredom where I dug out my N64 (I chose the yellow controller since it's easter and all ;) no.. I didn't. I just love the yellow one). As you can see, it's all dusty. Now, I never had many games to old N64, but I did have two more games. Mario and Yoshi. But guess what.. When my dad cleaned out of the loft to rebuild the entire thing (to make a new room for me, so I don't hold a huge grudge), he tossed literally everything out. Included my two games. So yesterday I Mario carted a little.

As you see, I've still got it ;)

And when I woke up today, a huge egg was tossed on the bed. Ai.. That's alot of candy. The little egg inside the big egg is my creation. /flex
I hate when sugarcandy blends with chocolate. Phuh.

And a tiny aquarium was the other thing I woke up to. Which as you can see, my cat LOVES. She's been staring at it for two hours straight now I think. Yes it looks dirty. The pump is working on cleaning it and then we're adding more water.

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lørdag 27. mars 2010

The foggy coast

So I looked outside and saw.. Nothing? So I ran outside in my PJ's and bomberjacket to take photos. The camera didn't really pick up all the fog, sneaky bastard. But here it is. Those lights would show off very clear, and you would see buildings in the horizon. I'll upload a "before" shot tomorrow. We often get light fog where I live, but damn, tonight it was much more then usual. lol
Please God don't let the fog come inside and grab me! Ah that movie sucks so bad.

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Humour much

My humour is so bad it hurts..

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fredag 19. mars 2010

Earth Hour 2010

The 27th Mars it's time for earth hour again! yay. This will be my 2nd year participating. If you don't know what it is, visit their website. Basically, you turn off the lights for one hour in respect of our home, Tellus.
Sadly, my hometown suck at participating. There is only a few hotels and such shutting off their lights. Anyway, my plans for this day is playing monopoly in the lights of a few candles with friends. So I'm guessing my one hour will be about three. But that's even better ;)

I always win in monopoly. FYI.

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onsdag 17. mars 2010

Go Go Marble

My newest attempt on watermarbling my nails. This is a messy operation at first, but you will get the hang of it!

What you need:
Basecolour (white in my case)
Colours of your choice (I chose pink, white and plum)
Toothpick or other slim tool
Bowl of water (eventhou I use a rectangular bowl, I recommend a round one)
Nailpolish remover

There are many videos on youtube on how to do this process. Here is one on fake nails, but it's the same as doing it on real nails. Just dip it in there. To avoid too much mess on your finger, you can tape around the nail, or smear some vaseline (petroleum jelly) on you fingers.
The thing about having a round bowl, is so the nailpolish gets to stick on the walls. If this doesn't occur, the polish will clump together if you try to drag the outer most layer invert.

You can see that my thumb have a lot more going on, this is because it got dipped alone. To save time and polish, I dipped the remaining four fingers in at the same time.

Mmmm.. Milk Duds

Result, kinda creepy with the pasted thumb. lol

My water container (use lukewarm water, cold water makes the polishes dry faster)

The polishes (I used a basecoat to, but it's old and I don't want to show you which one it is) :P

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Scott Barnes lipgloss

For you crazy gals out there, this guy makes lipglosses for you. Always been looking for a BANG bright pink? Look no further. These glosses are thick, but not really that sticky, and the colour is as bright on the lips as my on my swatches (blitz).

Scott Barnes Flossy Glossy Lip Gloss

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Depend nr. 69

Here's a swatch of Depend mini colours in nr. 69. (Funny coincidence, it's my nr. 69 blog entry)
The colour is as kinky as the number. A really playful and pretty pink! (sorry if I jump from British English and American English alot, bad habit)

Depend is a Swedish brand, and the colours have a very good quality. Since the bottles are small most people actually finish off the entire bottle.
If you enjoy online shopping, you're far away from a local retailer or your favourite colour is out of stock, Depend now have a webshop for Norwegians.

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mandag 15. mars 2010

Crazy Chocolate Cake, nomnom

If you're baking for the younger generation, or you and yours love chocolate, I recommend this cake. It's very sweet, and no diary products in the cake (except the buttercream ofcourse).

Cake (20-23cm round pan)
2dl Sugar (50/50 white and brown if you want)
3dl Flour
3tblsp Cocoa
1teasp Baking soda (natron eller 2ts bakepulver for nordmenn)
2dl Water
6tblsp Vegetable oil
1teasp Vanillaessence
1teasp Vinegar (7%)

100gr Butter
2tablesp Cocoa
2,5dl Confectioners sugar

Mix the dry ingredients in a bowl, and the wet ingredients in another bowl. Pour the wet into the dry and mix it all quickly together.

Pour the mixture into the pan, with paper in the bottom. Cook it for 30min in a preheated oven 180celsius.

Let it cool in the pan. When cooled, carefully loosen the cake from the walls of the pan with a sharp knife and place the cake on a serving platter.

Mix the softened butter with the dry. If you're like me and only store the butter in the fridge, melt the butter in a bowl over boiling water. Let it thicken a little before you add the other ingredients. Spread over the cake and decorate.

Note; If you want it like on the picture, you need to bake two of the cakes and layer them. Decorate with Oreos and various chocolate chunks.
Also, for those interested it's about 4200kcal in the entire cake included buttercream. Which is okey since every bite is powerful.
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Banking tip

Do you want to earn gold, but aren't familiar with the auction house yet? Here's a list of addons I recommend getting, and a short video of how I do things. Note I'm a casual banker, I don't search the AH everyday for cheap auctions to make profit from. Most of my items is stuff I've looted on my characters.

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fredag 12. mars 2010

A blog I read every day

Say hello to Heidi! She started this blog not to long ago, and I've been following her from before she started it, on a forum. Yeah, I was secretly stalking you girl.
She blogs mainly about makeup, and there's some fun personal life entries aswell. I think she's more down to earth and more friendly then many other beauty bloggers around. I like the design aswell, very girly and cute, but the header is like a tough girly header.

Defiantly in my top 3 blogs I visit, out of 6. So I recommend all of you that is into beauty blogs to pay her a visit. The blog is Norwegian, but hey, what CAN'T google do?

Oh, and my motive behind this entry is a contest. But that's okey, I don't mind making one about her. She deserves it!
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fredag 5. mars 2010

Upcoming patch, earn gold

I have a few tips on how to earn more gold on your characters. First, I do recommend everyone to have a bank alt. When that's said, here's two of the clues on where to earn gold in the patchnotes:

  • Frozo the Renowned has moved into the Dalaran Magus Commerce Exchange and will be trading your Frozen Orbs for various other trade goods.
  • Engineering; The Pet Bombling and Lil' Smoky non-combat pets are no longer Bind-on-Pickup.
So, on the first point, farm Frozen Orbs! Buy the cheap ones of AH, need on them in dungeons. You will be able to buy all the difficult mats with them, like Eternal Fire, Frost Lotus, Crusader Orbs and so on.
The second one, farm mats/buy off AH and be prepared to make them once the patch releases. If you don't have an engineer yourself, make a new friend. People like me, that collect vanity pets will be eager to buy them!

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Another song that have conquered my head for now. I have to add, I didn't actually like this song entirely in the beginning because of the vocals. 14yo vocals as I call them. But I'm hooked now anyway. lol

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mandag 1. mars 2010