mandag 30. august 2010

Mauve dotted

Only decorating two nails is still very decorative, but takes way shorter to do. :)
Easily created with a dotting tool or tooth pick, polish and rhinestones.

The flash washes out the colour a bit.

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E.L.F Mod Mauve

Wow, I don't know what to say. On my nail polish bottle it says "Mod Mauve" and that's what I ordered. But when I look at the elf site, it looks.. Purple? I've also seen some swatches of "Mod Mauve" as being a lighter purple toned brown. The colour I have is a lot heavier, and the purple tone is barely there and it's darker.
 I can recall people talking about getting a slightly different colour under the same name before, so be aware of that.

Never the less, the colour is very pretty. A perfect fall colour. The formula is watered out, so you need three coats to get the coverage. Dries a little slow, and again with the fat brushes. Seriously, on my narrow pinkie nails I only have to do one motion to cover it all. lol

Three coats, no top coat. Daylight.

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Minty Hexagon

Looks a little fugly on the pictures. Oh well. I just glue some hexagon glitter on all my nails, that looks way better in real if I may say so. lol

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søndag 29. august 2010

E.L.F Mint Cream

I decided to give e.l.f's polishes another try. And I'm starting with mint cream.

Application was a lot better today. The brush needed a little trim with the scissors, but hey. Sticking to the brush, it's fat and makes the application a little streaky. The formula is a little thin, and you need three coats to cover the nail. It also use a while to dry, soo again I will recommend a fast drying top coat.

Overall I think the colour is really pretty, and like it says, it's a mint coloured creme.  You can buy this at the e.l.f website for Europe or America. E.l.f is a super cheap brand if you're not familiar with it. (1$, 1.50£)

Three coats, no top coat. Sunlight.

Three coats, no top coat. Flash.

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lørdag 28. august 2010

TV shows

I just wanted to make a post about the shows I'm watching and recommend to others. Click the read more button for my list.

In random order, but added "Must see" behind the ones I really recommend to anyone.

The Big Bang Theory - Funniest sitcom around. A show about a gang of geeks and a pretty girl. Must see.

Haven - Sci-fi show based on Stephen King's Colorado Kid. This is a show full of odd events. SK style.

Eureka - Eureka! This show is pure genius. Based in a town full of science and smart people, and a sheriff that doesn't understand squad compared to the rest of them. Must see.

Hung - Show about a high school coach being a male prostitute. Need I say more?

True Blood - I didn't think True Blood was anything for me until I watched it. Great show with vampires, werewolfs, pigs, blood, sexy men.. You name it. A Show with a lot of action. Must see.

The Vampire Diaries - A more "cozy" vampire show. Not sure what to say, but like most vampire related things, there's sexy men here as well. Brothers even.

Warehouse 13 - This one gets linked to Eureka somewhere along the line. Special agents hunting for dangerous and fun artefacts.

Weeds - About a widowed mother trying to make everything go around. Getting deeper into illegal businesses. Very good show. Must see.

Chuck - Hot nerd herd geek, turning into a special agent. Love it. Must see.

The Gates - Behind the gates lies a safe community. However, you will find vampires and werewolfs here aswell.

South Park - Most perfectly created animation ever made. Full of rudeness and curse words. Must see.

The Simpsons - Who's not familiar with this funny animation family? Still going strong.

The Desperate Housewives - This show is underrated by men, imo. Drama and secrets makes a good show.

Gary Unmarried - Funny sitcom about the divorced dad, Gary.

According to Jim - Another funny sitcom about Jim and his family. Adult/fart humour.

Two and a Half Man - Aaand another funny sitcom about two brother living in a Malibu beach house. The drunk and the divorced dad.

How I met your mother - More funny sitcoms, this one about a gang of friends. Every personality different and funny.

The Secret Life of the American Teenager - I watch it, but I do not recommend it! It's a horribly slow show full of sticky drama and monotone talk.

Pssssst, makes following shows super easy.
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Incoco, Sinderella

As some of you know, I was trying out Incoco's dry nail polish when I went on a vacation this year. This is a nail polish that comes precut and flexible to just apply on the nail without any other tool. They're supposed to last up too 14 days.
For my review, click the read more button.

Application and removal

In the package, you'll find an easy step by step and a polish remover cloth.
Every strip of nail polish have two sizes, which is perfect if you have both square shaped and oval shaped cuticles like me. They're also in many widths, so they will fit everything from wide to slim nails.
I had some trouble finding the perfect way for me to apply these, so I got wrinkles on 8 of 10 nails. But you'll get the hang of it, it's not really that hard to apply as the strips are very flexible and wont stick well without a little pressure.
These strips contains top and base coat, so you won't even need to touch a bottle.
The removal is a pain.. The cloth that comes with it is utterly useless in my opinion, and I used probably 4-5 pads with acetone to get it off entirely.


Sinderella is a gooorgeous colour that suits everything. Very classy! The shine and colour stayed safe as long as I wore them.


Okey.. So I put these on the ultimate test. Here's how it all went downish.

Day 2: Washed the car with water and sponge, and the inside.
Day 3: Packing and going on a roadtrip. Harsh antibac gels used often.
Day 4: IKEA shopping, packing into the car (and 4 furnitures + extras is actually quite a challenge to shove into a Honda Civic).
Day 5: Unpacking and assembling some of the furniture.
Day 6: Scraping paint for probably 3 hours.
Day 7 and 8: More scraping and painting.
Day 9: Clean the cabin, and empty the outhouse.

How did they look after all this? Well, it started to crack on day 6, I've added a picture. But the polish stayed on the nail, nothing chipped or fell off. Amazing!
The polish stayed unchanged after day 6, except from some paint that got stuck in the cracks. Looked like cracking polish :)
I got some wear on the tips in the process of tearing off the excess polish, but that was my fault.

These are a little expensive for all year wear and horrible to remove, but perfect for vacations and festivals! Just like I predicted :)
Just be sure you have an acetone remover.

Day 3, looks the same as day 1

Day 6, looks the same as day 9

Thank you Incoco for letting me try these.
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fredag 27. august 2010

China Glaze, Flying Dragon

This colour is just great! For more pictures and some information about it, click the read more button.

Daylight, with top coat

This colour is from China Glaze Ink collection, and I've been drooling for it quite a while. A gorgeous red toned neon purple. The fact that it's glitter in it, and it's a neon, makes the dried finish matte and gritty. So if you don't like that finish, you will need a nice top coat for this one. Application is perfect, and it dries super fast since it's a neon.

Flash, with top coat
Daylight, no top coat
Artificial light, with top coat

I'm also having a rough time posting with the new blogspot editor. Ugh.
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onsdag 25. august 2010

How WoW is treating me

Me and an in-game friend of my decided to do the first boss in TBC raid Karazhan in hopes of getting the mount he drops. Attumen the huntsman is the proud owner of the female horse Midnight, and the mount that drops have her looks,
Fiery Warhorse's Reins.

Attumen is pretty easy to do, at least when you're two. We do these sorts of farming in two ways:

1. My hunter and her bear Cutiepaij as tank in the BM specc, and my friend as a mage in frost specc for more survival.
2. My hunter as pure dps in survival specc, and my friend as a protection paladin.

To make it smooth without any risk of dying, we went with option 2.

Attumen have three phases. First you have to attack Midnight which is neutral. After you hit on her for a little while, Attumen comes to the rescue.
Now you have the both of them in front of you, just nuke one of them and he will mount Midnight before he or she dies and you're at the last phase. There might spawn some of the horses you previously killed during a fight, nukenukenuke. More nuking. Loot and hope for the mount.

I won the roll and got the mount.

Want to know the funny part? The day after, my friend got  Deathcharger's Reins which drops of Baron Rivendare inside Stratholme.I think Blizzard have heard our calls.

Here the proud ones stand, me to the left of course.

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tirsdag 24. august 2010

Moan over hunters in Cata

I know it's almost/very pathetic depending on who you are, but I'm almost in sorrow now. They're removing volley in Cataclysm..

I quote from MMO:

"Volley removed from the game (And of course when I don't report a missing skill because I think it's a bug, it's actually gone for real)
It's gone. We want to make Multi-Shot the spell hunters use for AE.

Channeling a spell that makes arrows fall out of the sky doesn't feel like a hunter ability and doesn't even really match the name of the spell.

Only class with a minimal range and now without volley only class without an aoe /shakes head
You realize "only class" claims are viewed as a success by the developers. The classes are too similar as it is. (Source)

Most seem to think they simply removed it and that we will be using multishot instead.
Yep. Volley was edging out Mult-Shot, even though we think the latter is the more interesting ability. Volley felt too much like a magic spell and not something a hunter was doing with her bow or gun. (Source)"

What I think is pretty obvious. Fine, explosive traps do a decent damage for AoE, but it will never compare to my 2k per mob volley.. Aaaaah I'm so annoyed. They better reduce the cooldown on multi shot.

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NES holo

Since my last attempt at making a NES controller failed so bad, I gave it another shot. Although I don't own many pure greys, I just went ahead with some browns and beige. My Nintendo is almost beige because of the sun anyway. lol

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lørdag 21. august 2010

Building a cat tower..

We're soon finished with building the cat tower now! If you want to read the story behind all this and see pic, click the read more button below.
I think Fenris is happy :)

The reason why I'm building this tower is that every kitten I've ever had, pee on it at first. So I've already thrown out two big ones (kittens can become very expensive, lol), and now I'm reusing some of the pieces (read: caves and scratch poles) and I've used material from an old desk, and lopsided poles my dad won't use while he's renovating the apartment upstairs. All I've bought is some fabric and 30m of rope.

This have taken some time to do, and it's not even close to looking like my sketches! But it feels so good to do something for the cats. Reminds me, almost every nail polish blogger I've come across have cats. Fun fun.

What's left? Some extra pieces of wood to support it more, and finish up wrapping the rope around the poles. My fingers are sore!

Now I'm taking a break to eat pancakes with blueberries I picked at my cabin. Nomnom!

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Sale at Cherryculture!

A lovely 20% off. If you're not familiar with CC, let me introduce them to you. These guys are specialists *giggle* at cheap brands. You will find NYX cosmetics (thumbs up), L.A colours and tons of more stuff. They have everything in the category makeup, including nail polishes.

Shipping and handling: Handling can be very slow when they have sales. I would say around 2-5 days before they ship your package. Shipping charges are reasonable, and takes up to 14 days internationally. Remember that those 14 days are week days only.

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torsdag 19. august 2010

Oh starry toeees

I don't really enjoying taking pictures of my toes, toes gross me. lol
But here's my summer pedi made in 5min or so, CG orange marmalade (which looks red on the pic) with some pink stars and glued on green stars.

Reminds me of a pyjamas :)

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onsdag 18. august 2010


Odd name for an easy and colourful enough mani for me. I was actually going to make a NES controller, and ended up with this. If that's not skills I don't know what is.

Oh well, back to painting the bookcase instead of my nails. Enjoy your evening :)

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tirsdag 17. august 2010

Depend, nr 199

I tried to keep my hands to myself while walking past a nail polish rack from Depend when I was in Trondheim. I had no will power when I saw this colour! Depend racks are always scraped empty where I live.

I'm not quite sure what I should describe it as, very light lime with a yellow tone perhaps? Very pretty anyway. It looks a little washed and pale on pics, but in real life the colour is vibrant and summery. Perfect for the summer glow in the skin, and I actually think it looks good and fresh on my red fingers.
Depend is like always, easy to apply and covers well.

Two coats with topcoat. Daylight

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mandag 16. august 2010

Settled in

So I'm finally beginning to settle in from the vacation. A lot of IKEA furniture had to be assembled, I'm painting a cabinet and building a cat tower condo thingie, at once. So, phew.
Added a new function I think, it's still under maintenance, but if you want to see pictures, there should be a link right below. Also, I added Disqus comment boxes, so all previous comments are wiped out. But I bet it will be worth it.

The Cabin and around (near Nordfjordeid, Norway)


From the roadtrip (pictures along the way to Alvdal). The biggest mountains you can find west in Norway, Rauma. The flats you can find further into the country in Folldal and Dombås.

Lovely sunset :)

Mommy moose wouldn't stand still

A very pale reindeer

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fredag 6. august 2010


On Monday morning or Sunday evening I'm off for a week. I'm going to IKEA, Åre (Sweden) and my cabin. So since I'm going away and won't have time to do my nails, I'm going to test Incoco dry nail polish. It will be put to the maximum test with all the summer cleaning and maintenance I'll be doing :) Read more

torsdag 5. august 2010


I have to do it again. Take a look at the cataclysm design of Ysera. Looks good for a drake right?

Borrowed from MMO champion

But hold on.. Doesn't that look like Sylvanas? Like Arthas threw her into a tree and poured some purple paint on her.

Borrowed from google

When night elf formed drakes starts to dress like undead elf queens, I can't help wonder what Blizz is thinking. Nice horns thou. Read more

Oenothera dagkrem med spf

(In Norwegian since this will be more or less impossible for international consumers to get).

Oenothera oppbyggende dagkrem med SPF 15 kommer i en veldig praktisk pumpeflaske som gjør det enkelt å få riktig mengde produkt. Innpakningen er veldig god synes jeg, så absolutt. Den gjorde meget godt førsteinntrykk på meg.

Jeg har brukt den nå et par uker, og den er utrolig god og gir mye fukt. Lukten er veldig naturell som er et ord de nevner på flasken, så denne er veldig grei på menn også. Nedsiden er at den trekker litt dårlig inn i huden og jeg får en svett og klam følelse i ansiktet de dagene som er ekstra varme, så denne tror jeg er perfekt for vinteren i påskefjella. Og den inneholder kun 30ml.

Om den har tilstrekkelig UVA beskyttelse vet jeg ikke, men i kombinasjon med jojobaolje og mineralfoundation har jeg ikke blitt solbrent i det hele tatt. Og tro meg, jeg blir sabla fort brent.

Ingrediensene er det ingenting å si på. Og når vi først er inne på emnet kviser, så har jeg sensitiv kombinasjonshud med rosacea og har et utbrudd med perioral dermatitt som jeg jobber med å bli kvitt uten antibiotika, og jeg reagerer raskt med kviser om jeg tar på noe huden ikke liker. Enkel hud ikke sant? Jeg reagerer ikke i det hele tatt på denne kremen, så et definitivt gjenkjøp for meg. Huden føles veldig god ut for å være ærlig. Kan jeg få si, for et fantastisk produkt?

Her er hva de sier selv på hjemmesiden:

"Kremen er fremstilt med tanke på å kunne brukes av den aller mest sensible hud. Den kjennes lett ut på huden, men gir god næring og tilførsel av fukt. Naturlig solfaktor beskytter mot UVA, UVB og UVC stråler. Kremen er tilsatt bisabolol som virker dempende på hudirretasjoner, og vitamin A, som har en gunstig effekt på hud med acne."

Og på Krem fresh:

"Essensielle fettsyrer Havtorn, svart vinbar, jojoba og nattlys bidrar til næring og beskyttelse og en styrket hud.
Silkeprotein og vegetabilsk glyserin er tilsatt for å binde fukt i det ytterste hudlaget.
Soyaprotein gir økt cellemetabolisme og øker den fuktighetshelende prosessen i huden.
Bisabolol bidrar til og dempe iritasjoner.
Retinol palmitate/vitamin A motvirker rynker og acne."

Kan kjøpes her eller her for 405NOK.

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mandag 2. august 2010

China Glaze, Orange Marmalde

I loove this colour. It's from last years summer collection, but hey. I only buy polishes I really want.
The formula is smooth as always, and this one is super easy to work with. Only downside I have, is that it's kinda sheer.. After three coats you still can see my arches through. Oh well, it shines in beautiful golden glass flecks, the perfect orange for me.

Three coats, no top coat
Natural light


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søndag 1. august 2010

Cowboys (picture spam)

I'm going to admit it now, I have the hots for cowboys! The combination of a handsome muscular hunk wearing a cowboy hat and with a horse just makes it so perfect.

Since I don't have a cowboy in the backyard, or a horse for that matter, I've borrowed some pics from google.

These things are heavy! The saddles that is. ;)

Now, that cold shower. Read more