torsdag 17. desember 2009

Seafood Wok

I decided to make a seafood wok for the first time in my life. I didn't really read any recipes, I just took the stuff in my cabinets and it turned out yummy!

2 slices of fish (cod for me today, marinaded in wholegrain pepper, salt, lemon and paprika)
1 fistful crayfish (or shrimps)
1 package of noodles
1/2 package of soy-cream (cream from the cow can be used, but that is not healthy)
Veggies of your choice (I had paprika, sugar peas and carrots)
1 tbls soy-sauce
1 tbls pomegranate syrup (or something else with a crisp and fresh flavour)
1 teasp mixed urbs suited to fish (I'm using a mix called Provence)
1 teasp pepper
Neutral oil

Fry the fish first (3 min on each side, then separate it to smaller pieces), lay it aside and wok the veggies in a oil, soy-sauce and pomegranate syrup mix for 2 minutes.
Add cooked noodles and the crayfish. Wok for another minute or three, then add the fish. Stir it up nicely and add the soy-cream and spices. Wok for another minute, or until satisfied.

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E.L.F Cosmetics

Another makeup review.

So, eyes lips face is the brand. One of the cheapest.
I ordered eyeshadow brushes, cream duo eyeshadow, mineral eyeshadow primer and studio concealer with brush.

The brushes are okey. They messed up while making one of them thou, was some glue in the bristles, and i ripped off many hairs while trying to remove it! If your wallet is slim, these are great, if not, buy MAC or something instead.

The cream duo smells funky, but is great on. I am using the butter one now, as a sticky base for my eyeshadow. It's important that you use a primer and loose eyeshadow/powder with this one, otherwise it will grease like heck.

The concealer contains mineral oil, but it also contains tea tre oil and salicylic acid so i don't know if it will clog anything or not. Creamy and easy to apply, and the brush is good to blend with.

The primer is fab! On youtube you can see many people comparing it with urban decays primer potion, and in all, the elf one have a better value. My swatches really was stuck on my hand when i tried to wash them off, lol. And the eyeshadow-color pops (but it pops even more with the cream eyeshadow on top of the primer).

Here are some pics, and I'm using a cheap palette here to really put the primer to the test.

I used the peachy one, row 3 the far right, and the brown in the left corner.

From the left; No primer, Primer, Primer and cream shadow.

On the eye with primer, cream eyeshadow and a more expensive eyeshadow at 16.00 (yeah, I'm wandering around in my sweats with eyeshadow on one eye) Read more

onsdag 16. desember 2009

Brag time

Got my drake last night!

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Bare Faced Beauty

I'm gonna write a review on mineral make-up now. *warning*

In desperate hopes of the perfect mineral foundation i googled like a madman, or woman, when i came across Bare Faced Beauty. Oh man i tell you.. It's cheap and a really good product, without any nasty bismuth.
I bought the mini foundation kit with a brush, a full size kabuki, to the prize of 18£! So i picked out my four sample shades, "Whisper, Innocent, Gracious and Honest". Honest was a perfect match.
I recommend watching this guide on how to chose the right color with swatches.

On to the product. It's much more grainy then i.e Tikei (a Swedish brand), which usually means it's got more coverage, which it does. To tell you the truth, I think this product is one of the best ones out there for my skin. I don't end up completely shiny on the forehead after a day, and it doesn't itch at all! I have a highly sensitive skin. It works well as a concealer on my blemishes and on my rosacea. (tip: If some of the samples u've ordered are a little too yellow or pink, you can use the pink one as an under-eye concealer, and the yellow on the blemishes. Use them before you lay the mineral base).
The samples are big and lasts for many applications. And the brush, omg.. the brush! It is suuuuuper soft, just like silk, and very dense. It's a 5 out of 5. Remember to read the tips and guidelines on their web-page about how to clean it, and maybe how to apply the foundation. They recommend using downwards C motion with the brush, and I agree. I tried the buffing method first, which is great if you're in a hurry, but it may result in some clogged pores no matter which mineral brand you're using.

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Animal testing

-With a bunch of hypocrites.

I've been reading alot of blogs, Norwegian mainly, with young girls going "GOGOGO NO ANIMAL CRUELTY". I mean.. Come on. I support "against animal cruelty" 100%, but believing an email they get from a company saying that they don't test anything, is kind of bullshit. Think about it. How many can with their hand on the heart say that absolutely none of the ingredients have been tested at some point? And how can they even know? Maybe not in this decade, or the one before that. Sounds like a major lie to me. And when some companies (i.e The Body Shop, Yves Rocher) try to explain this to the consumers, they get "not animal-friendly" stamps on their forehead.

The important thing is to boycott all the companies one can actually dig deep and find lab-rats being tortured, or beagles for that matter, and stop wasting precious time on theories and speculations.

Protect our little babies

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lørdag 5. desember 2009

Insane in the Membrane

Again. Did some new videos, which aren't 10 minutes long, and a little more detailed. Yeah, crappy quality on the first one. Indeedelido!

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onsdag 2. desember 2009


It's soon Christmas y'all! I'm actually almost done with the presents, only got some baking left. Going to make a gingerbread-house, chocolate-chip cookies and more *drewl*

And I can barely wait for the 15th when the Winter Veil season is back on WoW! Then I'll get my What a Long, Strange Trips It's Been :D That Drake is a damn beauty. Violet Proto-Drake

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