mandag 23. november 2009

Alternative hobbies

The other day I did a small maze, and used it as my msn pic since it was sort of funny. Missed the lines.
This inspired someone to make a personal maze to me. And due to the Pilgrim time on WoW, i guess a turkey was in it's place. Neat'O pics for you, and a video of the turkey vanity pet:

And here's the cute vanity pet
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fredag 20. november 2009

Age restriction

Yes. Please. Blizzard-Gods, make some realms with age restrictions! I'm so tired of kids on my Swedish-overpopulated realm, Shattered Hand. Where ever I turn, I meet someone that doesn't know where the vagina is. And to be honest, kids 15 yo and down can easily turn off the mature language filter and see a lot more then they should. Cause darn, gamers are some horny bastards.

These guys eat nab's for dinner.

"cause we're the blood elfs in disguise, oh yes we aaare, blood elfs in disguise, mmmhmm mmmhmmm"
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onsdag 11. november 2009

Devil's food cake, my twist

Sooo decided to make Devil's food cake today. I used the recipe that's on

For the cake:
200 gram butter
5 dl sugar
3 big eggs
300 gram dark chocolate (70% cacao)
4,5 dl milk
1,5 teasp vanillaessence
1,5 teasp bakingpowder
1,5 teasp natron, bakingsoda
7 dl flour

Oven degree: 350 Fahrenheit, 175 Celsius

1. Heat up 1dl milk in a small pan, and let the chocolate melt in it. Wisp now and then to get the clumps out. Let it cool off a little.
2. Wisp the butter and sugar into a buttercream. Separate the plums from the white, and put the plums in the buttermix one at the time. Wisp to a light texture.
3. Now add the chocolate and vanillaessence to your mix.
4. Mix together all the dry in a bowl/measuring cup.
5. Add the dry ingredients and the rest of the milk to the batter, in three half's at the time. You can use a blender if you want, but don't overmix it. It's supposed to be an even batter.
6. Wisp the egg-whites until they're stiff. Blend them carefully into the batter.

Separate the batter into three (if you're using the full recipe) cake pans. I used 22 cm pans on my 2/3 recipe. ( I only used 2/3 of this recipe, since its for a three layered cake and I only wanted to do two. ) Cook in the oven for about 30 min.

Let them cool off in the pans for a while, then gently take them out and cool more on a cooling rack. Flip them if necessary.

Frosting: (this might taste a little too much coffee for those who don't like that.)
200 g butter
500 g confectioners sugar
2 tblsp cacao (add more or less if you want a darker or lighter brown)
1 teasp vanillaessence
7 tblsp medium strong coffee

Mix well in a mixer. If you want a more creamy texture then what you achieve here, add milk a little by little.

I didn't trim my cake enough so it didn't turn out to be a success. Buuut, frosting fix it all eh;)
And here's my "spikeycake". Might add some coconut drizzle later.

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Gear review

Since many blogs includes reviews of stuff, I'll review True-aim Longrifle, yupyupp.

This is a ugly looking gun. But it is the best hc dungeon drop at 80. Ever wondered why dungeon-drop ranged weapons are so ugly? I mean.. Aren't non-raiders worthy a... lets say Accursed Bow of the Elite? Sure it has elite in it's name. Or maybe Avalanche. Looks like i prefer bows.

Anyway, this is a noisy gun, and pretty boring-looking. And you'll see many kids running around with it. Wow, didn't mommy ever tell you not to run with guns?

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Judas Priest

I think this is one of my favorites now, therefor it needs to be shared!

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Overlord Wyrmthalak

Speedy version on how to get to this guy from War Master Voone's spot.

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fredag 6. november 2009

South Park fans

One of my favourite SP episodes is "The Coon". So much that the guild master title in my guild is, exactly, the coon.

If you want to see it, free stream on the following link: Read more