torsdag 28. oktober 2010

Halloween Nails!

Just made a Halloween themed look today.

Some cotton here, nail polish there and a weird pumpkin. Haha, anyway.. My index nail is finally getting some length again :)

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tirsdag 26. oktober 2010

Funny bug

The picture speaks for itself. They're all mine, able to attack and all the buffs stack! Expecting it to be fixed in todays maintenance however. Read more

GOSH Ocean

Hello guys! I'm still alive and kicking. I've been busy the last couple of days helping my dad out with renovating the house (oh well, I'm just cleaning and painting), and it seems that all inspiration broke off with my index nail. lol.
Also, I got my headless horseman mount! yay

Anyway, I dug in my collection last night and decided to wear this little baby. I'm not really into polishes with frost finishes (screams old lady imo), but this one is sort of like an iridescent frosty so it's really pretty. And green! Application is okey, the brush tend to pick up too much polish for me thou.
Onto the pictures, it's difficult to get a true match but it changes a bit colour from green to more blue depending on the light. Looks more blue on the pics, but in real life it's more green most of the time. And super shiny! Almost like a foil. Hmm.. frost iridescent foil polish? *faint*

Great for Halloween or something if you're going as a mermaid ;)

Three coats with top coat. A tad slobby application and unfriendly cuticles/camera.

GOSH is a Danish brand, and there's not really any good places online that sells these products I think. If you're in Scandinavia you can find them in several stores. Read more

onsdag 20. oktober 2010

Short nails French-O-Rama

Since my index finger have made it difficult to apply full colours, I've used french manis all the time. A thin nail art bush is essential for applying french tips on short nails if you don't use those french tip guidance stickers.
I actually can't go shorter then on the pink tip picture. Since I've had long nails all my life I have skin that grows outward, and so cutting them shorter = cut skin and bleed. I have filed off some of the newest skin but yeah, can't go shorter! And thanks god for that.. I've had issues living normal without them. Picking up my contact lenses takes like 5 more minutes then normal since I used my long nails as lens tweezers.  Short nails are practical they say.. Pfffh!

I'm not sure what I was thinking with this one really.. But I can tell you that it got removed fairly quickly. lol

This morning I woke up to snow. Yay! I love snow, so in the evening I pulled on my less then a year old Joan of Arctic while I was humming "these boots are made for walking". I walked out the door with lots of confidence, I'd been waiting soo long to finally use these boots. After 10min of strolling in the snow I was starting to get blisters, but I kept going for another 5min but then I had to surrender and I turned my nose home. After 5 more minutes I sat down on a pile of snow and tucked my jeans around my heals to minimize the friction, and barely made it back home.
I guess they need another year or two on getting comfy!

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søndag 17. oktober 2010

Tier 11

I'm still going on about WoW. My nail is getting better thou :)

Anyway, mmo-champion released the tier 11 preview recently, so I figured why not share them with you (female ones).

Death Knight

Okeey, there you have them arranged like on the talent trees I believe. Honestly I like some of them but I feel they don't really match except from the colour scheme, well atleast not priest and hunter. They look like awesome underwater folks while the rest looks ready to take on Deathwing and all other miseries. And ugh with the huge buckles! I've had enough aesthetic problems with the Titan-Forged Waistguard of Triumph. And why does warlock have four colours? Hmm..

I absolutely adore the druid set! I think I'm going to be a green hunter, and white druid. How about you? Read more

torsdag 14. oktober 2010

Patch 4.0.1

So the new patch, mana turned to focus, tree of life form is gone, mastery points.. I don't know where to begin. I can start out by saying I'm more positively surprised then expected. I had anxiety problems just thinking about the changes on both the hunter and druid.. I shouldn't have although WoW is starting to feel like a different game.

Lets start with the hunter, considering this is a hunter blog and all. Volley is gone, and the only problem I've experienced thus far is the damn roaches in Stratholme. They're melees of course and they don't trigger traps. YIEK! Never going in there without an AoE pet again.
For AoE'ing in groups, this is what I do: Trap Launcher , Explosive Trap , Multi-Shot
And as survival, you can use talents on getting serpent sting spread with your multi-shot. Cool right? Now, multi-shot does require 40 focus (bleh). So you will only get two out there in a row. I've got SS glyphed so I regen 2 more focus on dazed targets which helps a little. Concussive Shot is free :)

Over to Mastery Points, I'm now up to 10% (you'll find the reforge (nightelf ò.Ó) in the hut where you find the Enchanting trainer. It's probably trackable. Speaing of tracking, you can now track as much as you want at once. Anyway, increasing my mastery points from 8 to 10% actually made a lot of difference in my dps. I had a lot of hit to take from.
" Increases all elemental damage you deal by 8%. Each point of Mastery increases elemental damage by an additional 1%." for survival hunters.

Resto Druid, healing was a piece of pie compared to what I thought it would be. As you probably know they're replacing the old tree form and here's the new design for Cata:

Borrowed from MMO-Champion

Pretty? NO!! Luckily they're adding a minor glyph so you can be a treant instead of this huge.. Taunka tree mushroom.
Anyway, the now castable tree form is actually alright. I thought I would really miss being a tree 24/7 but I'll survive this. Instant regrowths and all that is worth it.

Mages are overpowered and will be nerfed. But I love it now! I don't have much more to say on that subject as I'm only lvl 69.

Warlocks have some new abilities and it seems awesome, and no more hassle with soul shards. I need more time to try it out.

Paladin? Ugh. Seems cool with the new bonus system but I haven't tried it yet.

That's all I have to say today about my experience with Cataclysm preparations. I'll spend the coming week exploring a bit more (hunter pets etc), and maybe find me a bunker to hide in from the earthquakes. lol

I have to add one thing. For those that didn't get a 310% mount before this patch, have to pay 5000g if they want it. Which is insane.. 3000g or something would do, imo. Oh well, I have a 310% mount, so I got it for free. Yay! Read more

Freddy Krueger

I did this halloweenish mani after I watched the new remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street. I was quite disappointed with it really, and I recommend watching the old ones first. Yes, there is seven of them if I remember correctly but it's great great films.
The new Freddy Krueger looks retarded (no offence), and have the most pedobear voice evar..

I'm not really happy with the mani either, I totally failed on the fingerblades and I didn't use enough black on the thumb. I again blame laptop lighting. ;)

As for my broken nail, it is finally starting to heal! I think I'll be back with short nail manis soon but without the index finger in the pictures. It is so weird to have short nails btw.. Haha Read more

tirsdag 12. oktober 2010

Nail polish break

I have to take a week or three off and when I return you'll find nail art for short nails.. Meanwhile I'll be posting some things about WoW since patch 4.0.1 is coming tonight and all that.

The reason for this break is that my nail broke. It didn't just break, it ripped down so far any nail on my body ever have. It hurts so bad girls.. I did this in my sleep, and I have no idea how! I'm a really calm sleeper when my cats sleep at the end, which one of them did. Suddenly I woke up with this incredible pain and noticed my nail. In the halfsleep I was, I ripped it off instead of cutting it. Probably not the best idea.

Picture for those specially interested. lol

With this I warn you. Never, NEVER.. Use nail glue on a rift far down on your nail. I believe this is what made my nail so strong, and too strong and hard nails is not good at all. Read more

Color Club, Wild At Heart

Another pretty holo from CC. On the pictures I've got a top coat on, so the holo is a little lost. Sorry, but I really didn't want to wait for it to dry :)
Application is great.

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mandag 11. oktober 2010

Tipsy Elly

I figured that would be a suiting title. Did these on Saturday after some wine as I mentioned in an earlier post, oh how I love sparkles..

We even had sunlight coming through the windows the day after.

I think I used three different glitter polishes for this one, so as you may have guessed I used the foil method to remove this mani :P Read more

søndag 10. oktober 2010

China Glaze, Branding Iron

This weekend it was CG branding iron's turn! This one came out with the rodeo diva collection in 2008. Chosen simply because it suited my wine, lol. I adore this dark shimmer burgundy colour but the formula is a little on the thick side.

After a few glasses I went nuts with glitter aswell, I'll post that later :p
Pictures with two coats with top coat.

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lørdag 9. oktober 2010

Use proper lighting

That title is actually as true as it can get. I did my french mani in the dark yesterday, with the light from the laptop. Yikes. I'm not even going to show my index finger :)
Stickers are from Vivalanails.

Okey, I've done worse but you can't see my index finger! hah! lol Read more

torsdag 7. oktober 2010

How to kite

Just made this how to as I find it suitable for Cataclysm and new players, and I forgot to save in the right format soo.. Sorry about the black walls.

I flew across half damn outland to find a suitable mob.
1. Fel reaver - he sprints too fast
2. Uvuros - 3 hordies fooling around with him (wtf guys, in the middle of the night? lol) Read more

onsdag 6. oktober 2010

Cataclysm 7th December

As most of you know Blizzard have confirmed the release of Cataclysm the 7th of December. To me this means two months of Zul Gurub farming since it will no longer be a raid instance.

December 7, 2010, the lands of Azeroth will be torn asunder as World of Warcraft®: Cataclysm™ hits shelves at retail locations throughout the world.

You’ve toppled the undead armies of the Lich King and brought Arthas to his knees. Now Deathwing the Destroyer has broken free from his ancient prison in the Elemental Plane of Earth and unleashed his rage upon Azeroth. As the Horde and Alliance race to confront this new threat, the mortal races will witness seismic shifts in power, the kindling of a war of the elements, and the emergence of unlikely heroes who will rise up to protect their scarred and broken world from utter devastation.

Goblin in Embrace of The Viper set.

I actually have no idea what my feelings are about Cataclysm. Like always I see both positive and negative things. As for gameplay it looks like Blizzard finally is tuning up the dungeon difficulties again, but this means more wiping and more whining from PMS'ing 12yo. If you haven't heard the nice sentences like:

You will definitely see them in Cataclysm. Good thing here is that you won't go far without learning to work together as a group. Which you are. A group. So hopefully some people will give up (is that rude?) playing dungeons until they improve their gameplay.
It might sound that I think I'm the best or something now, but ofc I'm not. I'm just saying, moving from a purple circle on the floor or hiding behind rocks isn't that hard. You just need to focus. And if you can't kite, you better learn it now. I recommend checking out and if you haven't.

My plans for Cataclysm isn't all that big, but I'm going to focus on the new profession archaeology. And dear lord.. The voices of NPC's  in general are horrible. You'd think Blizzard could afford something better. Read more

tirsdag 5. oktober 2010

Color Club, Revvolution

My goooosh.. Everyone needs this holo from CC! This is a grey based holo and it reminds me of a mine filled with minerals and metal.. Gunmetal, gold, copper and jadeit for instance. In the shade/dark it looks like an interesting gunmetal colour.

You can actually get away with one coat with this one, but I'm wearing two and no topcoat. Taken with flash because of the lack of sun :)
As you probably can tell from the looks of it, application is flawless.

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søndag 3. oktober 2010

Fashion addict zebra

Random black stripes over Color Club Fashion Addict. So easy it don't need explanations right. lol

Actually got some more holo effect on this pic then when I tried earlier. Typical. Read more

Color Club, Fashion Addict

Now this is a holographic for those less bold in my opinion. It's a very subtle lilac colour. Lilac tends to be a rather cold colour, so if you don't really suit those this might be worth a try. Sheens of gold and green, very delicious.
I got this one because of a picture I saw, . But honestly, I've tried and tried in all types of lighting but never gotten that much of a holo effect, of course it's not sunny outside right now but I doubt even the sun can make this one sheen that much. Not even my 50watt halogen bulb made enough effect for me, so that was a little disappointing. But the colour is great anyway.

Here it is on my nails, three coats no top coat. You only need two thou!

The last one is a little too pink, sorry about that. Read more

lørdag 2. oktober 2010

China Glaze, Ruby Pumps

The colour you've probably heard a lot about or own is this glittery red. It is absolutely gorgeous and not hyped imo. This polish is from the China Glaze Wizard of Ooh Ahz Returns Collection.

I took a couple of pictures trying to capture the sparkle, but I guess I didn't fully succeed. Anywho, these are without top coat therefore the gritty surface. Three coats, and application is wonderful.

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fredag 1. oktober 2010

Troll hunters

I had to giggle some when I saw the trailer for this Norwegian flick. Looks like Blair Witch Project meets the Norwegian woods. No? Yes. I think so. But I guess BWP will always be one of the first things I think about when the words "legends", "horror" and "documentary" is mentioned.

Here's the trailer for it, enjoy! And visit for a longer and better version.

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