søndag 30. mai 2010

Introducing my pets: Part 1

Say hello to Cutiepaij! This is my darling polar bear from Zul'Drak. He is a tenacity pet, and have been through everything imaginable with me. He is my little tanking God :)
Cutiepaij usually does what ever he feels like.. Sometimes he decides to run left when I tell him right, attacks the caster when I tell him to take the melee mob and so on. Don't get me wrong, I do have control over my pets, but Cutie is mostly on defensive mode and have his own mind about things. He is such a lagged little baby. He refuses to attack mobs when he is standing on boxes or carriages, and always plant his butt on the ground near the energy wall in Dire Maul west.

I just want to eat him up, the "RAWR" sounds he makes when going into battle is so adorable.

Here is a link to his build - http://eu.wowarmory.com/talent-calc.xml?pid=4&tal=21303020120120001020&bm Read more

lørdag 29. mai 2010

Nail art stickers

I tried out one of the sticker designs I got from Vivalanails yesterday. It's very pretty, with tiny crystals and everything. This is a superb way to decorate your nails if you don't have time or will to do every nail by hand. Since they're not reusable I don't think I would recommend using them on every mani of the year.

You will need tweezers to get these off the paper and on your nails. Be careful with removing it if you placed it wrong on your nails, it can tear. Press it on with your fingers and seal it in with some topcoat and you're ready to go. Super easy!

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fredag 28. mai 2010

Samples in a box

I decided I couldn't possibly use the samples from vivalanails without making a huuuuge mess. So I found this box to put them in, as you can probably tell the glitter ones sort of spilled all over the place. You can find boxes like this very cheap in stores where they sell carpentry/electronics stuff.

(Biltema, Jula and Clas Ohlson for scandinavians)

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Received my samples on nail art accessories in the mail today, from Vivalanails. Shipping took 3 days and the customer service is good. They have everything from Konad stamping to nail art canes, and they have some great tutorials. I really recommend checking it out. The website is uk but they ship from Riga, which brings my mind to the (generalizing) Baltic girls, they are sooo good with nail art and things related in my experience.
I'm excited to try these out! But I'm awaiting some polishes in the mail any day now, so I'm going to wait on those before i try to advance my nail art with these lovely things. I think.
If you're a blogger or youtuber, visit their site and order your free samples too.

I'm outside in the wonderful weather today, this pale body needs pigments! So sorry if the picture is not all the way satisfying, at least you can see what I got in my package. Read more

torsdag 27. mai 2010


Finding safe sunscreens is a really tough job.. Not even half of the products you see will deliver the amount of SPF or the UVA protection it claims. In EU we have (although Norway isn't technically a member of EU, we always follow Sweden like puppies, still) very strict guidelines on the SPF and UVA, so shopping brands that doesn't follow these can be very risky.

Let's take my favourite i.e. Jan Marini Antioxidant SPF 30 (chemical filter). I checked up on the amounts of active sunprotecting ingredients from this one, and the SPF is around 20 and it fails in EU standards.. The old formula lacked in UVA protection, but the newer have parsol 1789. So in all, it is safe to use if you really need a lightweight cream that doesn't make you shiny, but you don't get the 30 SPF, rather 20. So be aware of that.

Note that there is two types of filters in sunscreens. Physical and chemical. On your face you most likely want the chemical filters since they tend to be a lot lighter, better UVA protection and sink better into the skin. These absorb the sun rays, but can irritate your skin, so stop using it if it does. Chemical filters are also less likely to give you break outs. Physical filters on the other hand block out and deflect the sun rays, being a much more stable sunscreen but again. It's usually thicker, needs more work to sink in and can make you break out.

There is one brand I trust when it comes to sunscreens, La Roche Posay. They follow the EU standards and have enough UVA filter to protect you from those horrible wrinkles. I also use Cosmica sunscreen, which is great if you're travelling somewhere sunny and expect to use plenty of sunscreen (you can get them in 400ml bottles), and doesn't break me out. I don't have the percentage values on the Cosmica sunscreen, so I'm not able to figure out how well it protects. But on various tests made on other sites, it passes as a descent sunscreen.

You can get LRP from http://www.prettyskin4less.com (Norway and Sweden at least can buy it from the pharmacy, French brand).

Reference http://www.sunscreensimulator.basf.com Read more


If you're a contactlens user, I recommend buying from this site. Myself ordered exactly when the ashes from Eyjafjallajôkull was in the sky and stopped air traffic was on it's worst, so my package was sent by seas from Singapore, which took roughly 1 1/2 month. But usually they ship by air and you will receive the items within a month.

The costumer service is very good, and you will get a trackingnumber for your package. Real products, very cheap (I paid 38.98$/250NOK shipping inc. for 6 months supply), and they mark the package as "commercial sample", although always be aware that the package can be stopped and checked. If so, they will find your order papers inside the package and extra customs fees may be applied, depending on your country.

Low budget approved
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mandag 24. mai 2010

Wise words of the day

Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to grow a larger e-peen. I just want to show you that basic geared players can be just as good.

If you're interested in what the other hunter was, MM stacking ArP.

Have a great day! Read more

mandag 17. mai 2010

Red and black "upsidedownie"

Well, I did my partylook last weekend and the days before 17th of may have been sooo stressful! So unfortunately I didn't have time to do my nails in Norway's flag colours, red, white and blue. Bet I'll do them soon anyway thou, since I was looking forward to it!

So here's my partynails, and I'm sorry about the bad pic. Was on my way out in a hurry and now it's all chipped up. Well well :)
It's red and matte black as you can probably tell, and red glitter.

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søndag 16. mai 2010

Norway's national day

17th of may is our constitution day, and of course this will be celebrated! This year I'm making kvæfjord cake and sour cream porridge. I'll write down my recipes, but be warned. The kvæfjord cake is heavy stuff, I can almost promise you you won't manage to eat two pieces without feeling sick. But it's still very tasty and norwegian. Eat some strawberries on the side.

These recipes are taken from a norwegian cookbook I have, which dates back to 1985 called "Mat for alle".

Kvæfjord cake:
100 gr butter
100 gr sugar
4 egg yolks
2 dl shifted flour
1 1/2 teasp baking powder
3 tblsp milk

4 egg whites
2 dl sugar
50 g chopped almonds, or flakes

1 box of pre made vanillacream, or vanillasauce
2 dl cream

Mix butter with sugar until white. Add one yolk at the time. Blend in flour baking powder and milk. Cover a large pan with bakingpaper. Spread the batter on the pan, 2x24 cm round pans can be used as well. Don't worry about it being thin, it's supposed to.
Mix egg whites almost stiff, den slowly add the sugar. Mix until completely stiff and spread it over the batter on the pan. Sprinkle the almonds over it. Pop it in the middle of the oven, preheated 160 degree celsius (320fh), for 30 min. The cake should turn lightlight brownish. Let it cool in the pan. Flip it upside down and remove the bakingpaper after the cake is cooled
. Flip it back and cut the cake in two equal pieces.

Now prepare the vanillacream/sauce and whip the cream separately. Slowly and carefully add the whipped cream to the vanillacream/sauce. Blend very light handed with a spatula, we really want the cream to stay as fluffy as possible. Its not supposed to be 100% blended. Streaks and clumps are totally fine.
Spread the vanillacream mix on one of the half's of the cake, and place the other half on top. Voila!

Sour cream porridge (rømmegrøt)
5 dl sour cream (fattest sort you can get a hold on, seterrømme on norwegian)
2 dl flour
7-8 dl milk (preferably the kind with a tad more fat %)
1 teasp salt (if you're not eating salty ham on the side)

Cook the sour cream over low heat 8-10 min. Blend in 1 dl flour. Keep cooking until the fat separates, spoon the fat out and put it in a cup. Blend in the rest of the flour. Slowly add milk until desired thickness. Let the porridge cook for another 8-10 min, and add the salt if you want. Serve the porridge with the fat you previously removed, sugar and cinnamon. Also serve some ham (dried, salty, smoked, cut in thin slices without bones) on the side, and flatbread. I recommend drinking beer with this, or red cordial.
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lørdag 8. mai 2010

The Butterfly Effect, freehand nail art

It's spring! This have to be celebrated with a summerly look on the nails. I'm only posting my thumb first, then I'll see if I'm doing the rest later. Not planning on having the same butterfly on all fingers so. We'll see :)

Update: Rest is added

Polishes used; China Glaze: Lemon Fizz, Re-fresh Mint, Liquid Leather, Golden Spurs. Gosh Ocean 540, Maybelline Forever Strong Peach, Depend 69, SV topcoat and NailTek base.

Btw, don't watch The Descent 2. It's the original movie with some new actors, and a hint which makes me suspect it's going to be a trilogy.. Read more

onsdag 5. mai 2010

NailTek foundation base

Awesomeness in a bottle? I'm starting to believe so.

Here's the promises:

"Nail Tek FOUNDATION fills unsightly ridges and nail damage while strengthening the natural nail. This unique base coat is a special blend of strengtheners, conditioners, micro-fibers, and natural fillers. Foundation smoothes uneven nail surfaces while helping to grow healthy, beautiful nails."

Does it deliver? Yes. I don't have to much ridges, so I'm unsure about the filling them part. But what it does for me is amazing. When you apply it, it will turn matte and dry in almost seconds, you can watch it dry. It camouflages the yellow in my nails!! I so did not expect that. So far it seems to strengthen my nails aswell, I get less cracks and splits.
Great brush and great application.

The negative? It can make the application of your next polish rather tricky if you use thin layers. The base makes the polish get uneven if you don't have to much polish on your brush basically. For me, it helped a lot to let the base set over night, and then continue with my mani.
But it's so worth it.

If you're considering buying this product, remember to get the right one for you:
NailTek I for normal nails.
NailTek II for soft nails, prone to peeling and chipping.
NailTek III for hard and/or dry nails that breaks and chip easy.
NailTek Xtra for seriously damaged nails. Read more

tirsdag 4. mai 2010

lørdag 1. mai 2010

Cataclysm screenshots

UPDATE 7th May: Manymanymany screenshots of the new areas on mmo-champion!

Amagad amagad. Have you seen the Catalcysm screenshots? If you haven't, you better go to the official WoW website and bookmark it. They're updating with new pics now and then. Or just hang around on mmo-champion, that's probably the best.

Here's the pic that caught my eye, it's supposed to be blasted lands (!):

You know, there where all the dessert and the dark portal is? Here's a now art pic from wowwiki:

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Does aloe vera clog my pores?

No, pure aloe vera (e.g gel 98%) will not clog your pores. You should aim for 96% + aloe vera gels if you want it pure. Better yet, an aloe vera plant.

What does aloe vera do for my skin? It can enhance scar recovery, you know those damn red spots.. It can calm your skin (it can aggravate if you react on it) and reduce redness. I also use it on, sorry for the direct language, open zits. You know the ones that seems like they will never stop pushing out liquids? Put a thick dot of aloe vera on the spot and wait 30min before you apply your moisturiser. It will make sure the yukky liquids don't run down your cheek in worst case scenarios.
I do not recommend using aloe vera alone on the entire face, this can be very drying for some. Apply a very thin layer and let it soak in, then apply a moisturiser.
The thicker the better? No. Thick layers will be much more drying then thin layers. Test it yourself if you want to.

If aloe vera makes you break out, it's because your skin reacts negatively on it.

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