fredag 30. oktober 2009

Just some signs of my chars

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Aaaah, I'm dying. This WoW Bash makes me laugh horribly hard every time i read it too. It's so simple, but yet so fun. Read more

lørdag 17. oktober 2009

Aion in my hands

Finally, payday the 15th and I'm in the possession of newly released "Aion". Been waiting on this game for a while, since I'm very much addicted to mmorpgs. What can I say. I'm only lvl 10 as we speak, spiritmaster. Asmodian on Perento server to be exact. And I've sticked to my nick, Elraniata. How original eh.

The graphics are stunning, I have to use fixed fps since my pc is kinda retarded and not suited for very hard core gaming. And I bet, on a comp that can handle full graphics, it's surely amazing. At lvl 10 i got my wings. Haven't quite got the hang of them yet thou. A lot of jumping around and almost dieing. I'm going to lvl it some more, but my time can't be consumed of both WoW and Aion, and I'm never quitting WoW. So I might have to place this game on the shelf. Annoying to pay for a game you barely have time for.

And another thing. I F* HATE THE LOG IN/UPDATES, I always get errors, the patch servers are down etcetc.. So if this doesn't get fixed, I'm throwing the game out. Takes me 15min to log on for crying out loud.

Oh funny thing on WoW earlier, made me realize why I love playing paladin. Get this, I had 5 mobs on me, only like 76-77's and then a rogue came lurking trying to take me down. Well, he vanished before I got to actually nuke his ass off. But he really tried, thats the cute part. Oh how he tried.. I saw him later on, and was just waiting for him to move away from the guards. He logged. /facepalm

Some Aion screens

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