About me

I'm a twentysomething Norwegian gal. I've had length on my nails since kindergarten. My teachers thought my mom neglected me because of the long nails I had. Truth was, I didn't let her cut them!

As you might have figured I mainly blog about my hobbies, World of warcraft and nail polish. I've played WoW since, yeah.. was it 6 months before TBC came out? Something like that. And my boyfriend is to blame for my x00 hours of gametime used.
My nail polish interest have always been there, but I was late at discovering online shopping so my options was limited. Now on the other hand, I'm eager to buy more whenever I can. Thank you eBay, PayPal and cozy online shops!

What else do I do.. Well, I listen to a lot of music. Rock and country mostly, but I listen to almost everything. I love animals, but I only have two cats atm.
I also like to reupholster furniture.
My dad is annoyed at himself for not buying me a horse when I was young so I could race with it now. Special father he.
I've had my license since I turned 18, and have crashed two times. Once I backed into a car behind me I really didn't see in my mirrors. I hit and run my neighbours car.. Haha. Luckily it was trailer hitch against trailer hitch, so when I got home from school to check out the damage there was none. Phuh.
I don't drink (or smoke for that matter), if I do it's a glass of wine or one beer.
I'm shy and people think I'm weird, I don't mind.

I've also dreamt about being on a guided tour in the Anaheim convention center. There were horses outside.

I think that round of word clutter tells enough about me for now. Read more