torsdag 17. desember 2009

Seafood Wok

I decided to make a seafood wok for the first time in my life. I didn't really read any recipes, I just took the stuff in my cabinets and it turned out yummy!

2 slices of fish (cod for me today, marinaded in wholegrain pepper, salt, lemon and paprika)
1 fistful crayfish (or shrimps)
1 package of noodles
1/2 package of soy-cream (cream from the cow can be used, but that is not healthy)
Veggies of your choice (I had paprika, sugar peas and carrots)
1 tbls soy-sauce
1 tbls pomegranate syrup (or something else with a crisp and fresh flavour)
1 teasp mixed urbs suited to fish (I'm using a mix called Provence)
1 teasp pepper
Neutral oil

Fry the fish first (3 min on each side, then separate it to smaller pieces), lay it aside and wok the veggies in a oil, soy-sauce and pomegranate syrup mix for 2 minutes.
Add cooked noodles and the crayfish. Wok for another minute or three, then add the fish. Stir it up nicely and add the soy-cream and spices. Wok for another minute, or until satisfied.

Shitty wok, may i take yoar ordar preease? Read more

E.L.F Cosmetics

Another makeup review.

So, eyes lips face is the brand. One of the cheapest.
I ordered eyeshadow brushes, cream duo eyeshadow, mineral eyeshadow primer and studio concealer with brush.

The brushes are okey. They messed up while making one of them thou, was some glue in the bristles, and i ripped off many hairs while trying to remove it! If your wallet is slim, these are great, if not, buy MAC or something instead.

The cream duo smells funky, but is great on. I am using the butter one now, as a sticky base for my eyeshadow. It's important that you use a primer and loose eyeshadow/powder with this one, otherwise it will grease like heck.

The concealer contains mineral oil, but it also contains tea tre oil and salicylic acid so i don't know if it will clog anything or not. Creamy and easy to apply, and the brush is good to blend with.

The primer is fab! On youtube you can see many people comparing it with urban decays primer potion, and in all, the elf one have a better value. My swatches really was stuck on my hand when i tried to wash them off, lol. And the eyeshadow-color pops (but it pops even more with the cream eyeshadow on top of the primer).

Here are some pics, and I'm using a cheap palette here to really put the primer to the test.

I used the peachy one, row 3 the far right, and the brown in the left corner.

From the left; No primer, Primer, Primer and cream shadow.

On the eye with primer, cream eyeshadow and a more expensive eyeshadow at 16.00 (yeah, I'm wandering around in my sweats with eyeshadow on one eye) Read more

onsdag 16. desember 2009

Brag time

Got my drake last night!

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Bare Faced Beauty

I'm gonna write a review on mineral make-up now. *warning*

In desperate hopes of the perfect mineral foundation i googled like a madman, or woman, when i came across Bare Faced Beauty. Oh man i tell you.. It's cheap and a really good product, without any nasty bismuth.
I bought the mini foundation kit with a brush, a full size kabuki, to the prize of 18£! So i picked out my four sample shades, "Whisper, Innocent, Gracious and Honest". Honest was a perfect match.
I recommend watching this guide on how to chose the right color with swatches.

On to the product. It's much more grainy then i.e Tikei (a Swedish brand), which usually means it's got more coverage, which it does. To tell you the truth, I think this product is one of the best ones out there for my skin. I don't end up completely shiny on the forehead after a day, and it doesn't itch at all! I have a highly sensitive skin. It works well as a concealer on my blemishes and on my rosacea. (tip: If some of the samples u've ordered are a little too yellow or pink, you can use the pink one as an under-eye concealer, and the yellow on the blemishes. Use them before you lay the mineral base).
The samples are big and lasts for many applications. And the brush, omg.. the brush! It is suuuuuper soft, just like silk, and very dense. It's a 5 out of 5. Remember to read the tips and guidelines on their web-page about how to clean it, and maybe how to apply the foundation. They recommend using downwards C motion with the brush, and I agree. I tried the buffing method first, which is great if you're in a hurry, but it may result in some clogged pores no matter which mineral brand you're using.

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Animal testing

-With a bunch of hypocrites.

I've been reading alot of blogs, Norwegian mainly, with young girls going "GOGOGO NO ANIMAL CRUELTY". I mean.. Come on. I support "against animal cruelty" 100%, but believing an email they get from a company saying that they don't test anything, is kind of bullshit. Think about it. How many can with their hand on the heart say that absolutely none of the ingredients have been tested at some point? And how can they even know? Maybe not in this decade, or the one before that. Sounds like a major lie to me. And when some companies (i.e The Body Shop, Yves Rocher) try to explain this to the consumers, they get "not animal-friendly" stamps on their forehead.

The important thing is to boycott all the companies one can actually dig deep and find lab-rats being tortured, or beagles for that matter, and stop wasting precious time on theories and speculations.

Protect our little babies

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lørdag 5. desember 2009

Insane in the Membrane

Again. Did some new videos, which aren't 10 minutes long, and a little more detailed. Yeah, crappy quality on the first one. Indeedelido!

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onsdag 2. desember 2009


It's soon Christmas y'all! I'm actually almost done with the presents, only got some baking left. Going to make a gingerbread-house, chocolate-chip cookies and more *drewl*

And I can barely wait for the 15th when the Winter Veil season is back on WoW! Then I'll get my What a Long, Strange Trips It's Been :D That Drake is a damn beauty. Violet Proto-Drake

Artist; Kittyvane, Deviantart Read more

mandag 23. november 2009

Alternative hobbies

The other day I did a small maze, and used it as my msn pic since it was sort of funny. Missed the lines.
This inspired someone to make a personal maze to me. And due to the Pilgrim time on WoW, i guess a turkey was in it's place. Neat'O pics for you, and a video of the turkey vanity pet:

And here's the cute vanity pet
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fredag 20. november 2009

Age restriction

Yes. Please. Blizzard-Gods, make some realms with age restrictions! I'm so tired of kids on my Swedish-overpopulated realm, Shattered Hand. Where ever I turn, I meet someone that doesn't know where the vagina is. And to be honest, kids 15 yo and down can easily turn off the mature language filter and see a lot more then they should. Cause darn, gamers are some horny bastards.

These guys eat nab's for dinner.

"cause we're the blood elfs in disguise, oh yes we aaare, blood elfs in disguise, mmmhmm mmmhmmm"
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onsdag 11. november 2009

Devil's food cake, my twist

Sooo decided to make Devil's food cake today. I used the recipe that's on

For the cake:
200 gram butter
5 dl sugar
3 big eggs
300 gram dark chocolate (70% cacao)
4,5 dl milk
1,5 teasp vanillaessence
1,5 teasp bakingpowder
1,5 teasp natron, bakingsoda
7 dl flour

Oven degree: 350 Fahrenheit, 175 Celsius

1. Heat up 1dl milk in a small pan, and let the chocolate melt in it. Wisp now and then to get the clumps out. Let it cool off a little.
2. Wisp the butter and sugar into a buttercream. Separate the plums from the white, and put the plums in the buttermix one at the time. Wisp to a light texture.
3. Now add the chocolate and vanillaessence to your mix.
4. Mix together all the dry in a bowl/measuring cup.
5. Add the dry ingredients and the rest of the milk to the batter, in three half's at the time. You can use a blender if you want, but don't overmix it. It's supposed to be an even batter.
6. Wisp the egg-whites until they're stiff. Blend them carefully into the batter.

Separate the batter into three (if you're using the full recipe) cake pans. I used 22 cm pans on my 2/3 recipe. ( I only used 2/3 of this recipe, since its for a three layered cake and I only wanted to do two. ) Cook in the oven for about 30 min.

Let them cool off in the pans for a while, then gently take them out and cool more on a cooling rack. Flip them if necessary.

Frosting: (this might taste a little too much coffee for those who don't like that.)
200 g butter
500 g confectioners sugar
2 tblsp cacao (add more or less if you want a darker or lighter brown)
1 teasp vanillaessence
7 tblsp medium strong coffee

Mix well in a mixer. If you want a more creamy texture then what you achieve here, add milk a little by little.

I didn't trim my cake enough so it didn't turn out to be a success. Buuut, frosting fix it all eh;)
And here's my "spikeycake". Might add some coconut drizzle later.

It looks like poop. lol Read more

Gear review

Since many blogs includes reviews of stuff, I'll review True-aim Longrifle, yupyupp.

This is a ugly looking gun. But it is the best hc dungeon drop at 80. Ever wondered why dungeon-drop ranged weapons are so ugly? I mean.. Aren't non-raiders worthy a... lets say Accursed Bow of the Elite? Sure it has elite in it's name. Or maybe Avalanche. Looks like i prefer bows.

Anyway, this is a noisy gun, and pretty boring-looking. And you'll see many kids running around with it. Wow, didn't mommy ever tell you not to run with guns?

Score 3/5 Read more

Judas Priest

I think this is one of my favorites now, therefor it needs to be shared!

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Overlord Wyrmthalak

Speedy version on how to get to this guy from War Master Voone's spot.

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fredag 6. november 2009

South Park fans

One of my favourite SP episodes is "The Coon". So much that the guild master title in my guild is, exactly, the coon.

If you want to see it, free stream on the following link: Read more

fredag 30. oktober 2009

Just some signs of my chars

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Aaaah, I'm dying. This WoW Bash makes me laugh horribly hard every time i read it too. It's so simple, but yet so fun. Read more

lørdag 17. oktober 2009

Aion in my hands

Finally, payday the 15th and I'm in the possession of newly released "Aion". Been waiting on this game for a while, since I'm very much addicted to mmorpgs. What can I say. I'm only lvl 10 as we speak, spiritmaster. Asmodian on Perento server to be exact. And I've sticked to my nick, Elraniata. How original eh.

The graphics are stunning, I have to use fixed fps since my pc is kinda retarded and not suited for very hard core gaming. And I bet, on a comp that can handle full graphics, it's surely amazing. At lvl 10 i got my wings. Haven't quite got the hang of them yet thou. A lot of jumping around and almost dieing. I'm going to lvl it some more, but my time can't be consumed of both WoW and Aion, and I'm never quitting WoW. So I might have to place this game on the shelf. Annoying to pay for a game you barely have time for.

And another thing. I F* HATE THE LOG IN/UPDATES, I always get errors, the patch servers are down etcetc.. So if this doesn't get fixed, I'm throwing the game out. Takes me 15min to log on for crying out loud.

Oh funny thing on WoW earlier, made me realize why I love playing paladin. Get this, I had 5 mobs on me, only like 76-77's and then a rogue came lurking trying to take me down. Well, he vanished before I got to actually nuke his ass off. But he really tried, thats the cute part. Oh how he tried.. I saw him later on, and was just waiting for him to move away from the guards. He logged. /facepalm

Some Aion screens

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lørdag 26. september 2009

Cupcake frosting

So, I've finally made my cupcakes sweeter. And I felt extra experimental since it's Saturday and all, so I made a bailey's butter cream. Nomnom
And since I use different frosting's on my cupcakes, the recipe is kinda small if you have 5 racks of them, lol.
I didn't decorate them in any fancy way, so I won't upload a pic :P

Baileys butter cream frosting:
100gr butter
250gr confectioners sugar/powdered sugar
1 teasp baileys
1 teasp cocoa powder (or maybe more, just to dye the frosting a little, optional)
1 tbsp vanilla sugar or 1/2 teaspoon vanilla essence (optional)
And a tiny amount of milk if this gets to firm.

Whip the butter and sugar white and creamy, add the rest after. Add moisture if it's falling appart. I recommend using a kitchen appliance for this.

All my measurements are not necessarily 100% accurate, and guarantee a perfect result right away. I just add ingredients on the feeling. Read more

søndag 20. september 2009

Geek wheel

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lørdag 19. september 2009

Gief cash

I'm going crazy on online stores. And i want.. Cash! A small selection of the stuff i would use the cash on:

And look! My friend Bull is there to. He's not for sale thou.

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fredag 18. september 2009

How to LBRS

Just me, showing where you should run to reach the boss in LBRS. The reason why i kill this boss is the tier 0.5 hunter gear. What your personal reason may be, I don't know;), but here goes:

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Easily entertained?

I was doing dire maul runs, when wow decided to crash. Before the entire thing went offline, i found myself running like a riverdance person. I actually got amused by this, and here's a clip:

(sssh, I know its incredible long)

Record in longest wow video pwease? Read more

mandag 14. september 2009


One thing i love more about making cupcakes is actually decorating them. But since i was too lazy today to go to the store, i tried to make some cupcakes without butter, milk and eggs! And you know, the batter smells and tastes delicious. It smells like a replica of chocolate soy milk. Om nomnomnomnom..

And here's the recipe ish. I usually add a little here and there.

12 cupcakes, or 13-14. ;)
1 1/2 cups cake flour. (I hadn't heard about this flour before, so i googled and i did find a replacement. So if you don't have this, use 3tbsp of potato flour or cornstarch, then fill up to the 1 1/2 cup mark.)
175 grams of sugar. I felt that this was a lot, so i used 50/50 white and brown sugar. Or 100grams white, 75grams brown to be exact.
3 tbsp cocoa powder
3/4 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon baking soda (for scandinavians; natron or hjortesalt can be used. note that hjortesalt will make it smell a little ammonia. So either never smell on it, or buy some natron. Maybe you could replace it with more baking powder to)
5 tbsp vegetable oil
1 tbsp vinegar (apple/white)
2 tbsp vanilla sugar, or 1 teaspoon extract
1 1/4 cup water (you can skip the 1/4 if you want. I did, since i felt uncertain because of the texture.)

Preheat oven to 350 Fahrenheit/175 Celsius.
Mix all the dry in one bowl, while you mix the wet ingredients in another bowl, or the measuring cup. When these are well mixed together, add the wet to the dry slowly while stirring. You can use a mixer if you want, but for me, the spatula goes a long way.
If you make small cupcakes, it takes 3 ish tbspn in each paper cup.
Put them in the oven for 20-25 minutes. Poke one of them with a toothpick to check if the cakes are done. When they're done, move them immediately over to a cooling rack. When completely cold, you can decorate. I prefer buttercream. I'll upload pics when i buy some butter and actually decorate some cupcakes.

Now you'll find this batter extremely watery compared to regular cupcakes recipes. This is naturally because of the water. But don't worry, all the rising ingredients and the potato flour/cornstarch will balance it out and make a moisty yummy cupcake.
If you're thinking.. "why is she using both cups and grams to measure?" truth is, i hate to use conversions. This recipe is based on one from Martha Stewart's archive. And I felt grams would be easier to use on the sugar, since the brown sugar might be clumpy :)

And yes, i bake in my underwear, lol! Read more

fredag 11. september 2009


I'm happy right now. I was farming in Zul'drak when i decided to look for the time lost proto drake. (nah didn't find him). Then I thought, fine, I'll go to Sholazar and look for the rares there. First, early in my route, I found King Krush. I tried taming him, but i failed. That doesn't matter, he's not that good looking anyway. And since i had used my Call stabled pet to put away my gorilla, I went to nessingwary and got him out from there, and the dino was still alive :) And then he suffered a long and dreadful death from my gorilla's thunderstomps. I took a 5-10 min break, reading where to look for Loque'nahak. And 3min's after i started to look for him, i tagged him with my macro! My heart was pounding like heck. *frostarrow-tame-hope for no gankers*
And so is the story of me finding the pet i've always been looking out for, but never farmed.

My wowhead comment:
Tamed him 15 minutes after i killed king krush. (I tried taming him, but failed.) I was the only hunter in the area and im still shaking. So this 3-6 hour respawn thing is just bullcrap if these two rares share spawntimer.

King krush - loc 30.5 at 04.55 o'clock
Loque - loc 21.27 at 05.11 o'clock

Been looking randomly for this gorgeous pet, and right now I feel like the luckiest hunter alive. Off i go looking for TLPD ;)

Shattered Hand (EU)

Am i happy i stayed up late? Oh yeah!

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lørdag 5. september 2009

The Fall

Don't you just love it? Sure, you won't be able to use your fab pumps, but say hello to comfy fashy boots! Layers and layers with soft warm clothes, I love wool.
Anywhooo, I was just brewing a cup of cocoa to warm my freezing body when I realized.. The smell of hot milk is absolutely yummy! I just wanna lick the cup, haha. (Yes, people tell me I'm special.)

*takes a sip of the cocoa*

I believe this is my favorite season for sure. Watching the water pour down outside, with a cup cocoa in my hands, playing WoW, tucked in a faux-leather blanket I got from my brother last christmas. Oh, that reminds me, I have to start shopping presents! Each year I tell myself to start early, I think most "presentlovers" can recognize this syndrome. It's like the new-year goals. "Woosh, what was I saying?"
One thing that annoys me about gifts, is how fast children grow. Feels like its yesterday I gave my nephew a little barking dog marked 5-12 months, or something. Now he probably wants model cars and soon enough his license. I like buying something safe to people, stuff I know they need or want, just with a twist and something personal. I don't just buy gifts anymore, I always put a thought behind it. And since I'm trying to be as green as I can, brown paper with silk bows is the thang. It makes it more personal too somehow. Try it out this christmas, everyone will know which package is from you;)
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torsdag 3. september 2009

My secret weapon

for a longer life.. A great laugh! This guy always makes me laugh until I cry.

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mandag 24. august 2009

My cat died

Depressing. A asshole ran him over and left him there.. Some random people found him and called the vet. What sucks here is.. The vet didn't have room in the freezer so they burnt the body quickly after they took it in. And they didn't take a picture of the cat, all the info we got was "he was black and white". I know it was my dear Gizmo, but the way they did this is awful.. Wish I could say goodbye to him, he was my best friend.. *sigh*

Guess I'll take in a new cat that's in desperate need of a home. We'll see what the future brings.

But I will never forget my dear Gizmo..

After some thinking, I must conclude that this is the worst loss I've had in my life for now. It's weird, that one of the closets creatures in my life was my this cat. Or maybe it isn't, I don't know. Read more

søndag 23. august 2009

Dranei male dance

Roflmao, I can't resist!! *dances like that*

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lørdag 22. august 2009

BlizzCon 2009

So, I've been following BlizzCon this weekend, and they've shared a lot about the next WoW expansion Cataclysm. What I find fascinating is some of the changes, lets take Hunter e.g. No more Mana! I was like.. OMG! Finally! But then they say Focus instead.. Hm.. Rogue focus is 10 oc, and the hunter will be 6 oc, but 12 while using Steady Shot. I'm not sure. I really have the hang of using my viper and mana pots, but now I need to think about focus. (they better make some good thistle tea!) Not quite what I signed up for, so we'll see if I'm sticking 100% to hunter after the expansion.

Goblins, I think these will rule in PvP. Their race abilities are kind of awesome imo. They have the ability to shoot forward, like the hunters disengage just the other way. And some sort of rocket damage, bleh, don't remember exactly. And a bankbot, available every 30min. Think I'm gonna make a Goblin Warlock. Wonder if I could transfer my undead.. Then I will also transfer my Tauren druid to male troll druid! Ah, how I loooove male trolls. Anywho. Speaking of Warlock (and Mage), NO MORE SPIRIT!

You might think Goblin abilities is imba compared to some of the good old race abilities, but they said something about boosting those as well. My impression is that they're trying to make everything more equal, and hella easier. Sigh. I hope this doesn't mean even more 10 year old children start to play.

All in all, I'm extremely happy they make the gear a lot more class to class spesific, making agility AP +2 (only for hunters, rogues, druids and shamans). I mean.. Aren't you sick of paladins/warriors/DK's that need on your fucking Mail?? And not to forget the typically, and I quote: "uuh, I need for Offspecc, noob. I need Attack power just as much as you do" *logs off*. After the expansion they can officially be cald ninjas, all of those fuckers. Go find yourself some strength instead.

And the costume contest. Wth.. Okey, 1st and 2nd place were actually the best costumes. But did you see 3rd? Haha, looks like he had taken a swim in some cardboard and stuffed a lamp in there. And what's the deal with females aaaalways doing succubus? It's starting to get so freaking old now. Since there's like 5 of them every year (random number), it looks more desperate for attention, then an actual costume contest.

That's all i have about that for now. I will probably write more as the second day of BlizzCon is tonight. Ozzy concert baby!! Read more

fredag 21. august 2009

Getting the hang of Fraps!

So, I've started to make more vids, here's a useless one that few find fun to watch. But I'm still learning and might make more useful vids in the future :)

Boosting in Scarlet Monastery Graveyard:

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onsdag 12. august 2009

Ingredients in daily products

I have finally opened my eyes for what I'm using on my skin. I got a small shampoo sample with my magazine the other day, so called Sunsilk mineral shampoo. I don't know what to say.. Number two on the ingredient list (after aqua) is sodium laureth sulfate. I don't know what you guys know about this particular ingredient but get this, it is dangerous and extremely irritating. It disturbs your hormones, which can lead to breast cancer even. Give it a google and see what you get.
The scary part is, a lot of people uses these products without knowing anything. You will probably find it in tons of the cheap soaps e.g at the super market.
I believe it also was illegal to use a while.. I want that law back!

So for next time, check the ingredients and don't trust the word natural on any products. It's not natural before you can grow it yourself ;) Read more

lørdag 8. august 2009


Drinking alone in the moonlight (just copied from wiki)
花間一壺酒。 A cup of wine, under the flowering trees;
獨酌無相親。 I drink alone, for no friend is near.
舉杯邀明月。 Raising my cup I beckon the bright moon,
對影成三人。 For her, with my shadow, will make three people.
月既不解飲。 The moon, alas, is no drinker of wine;
影徒隨我身。 Listless, my shadow creeps about at my side.
暫伴月將影。 Yet with the moon as friend and the shadow as slave
行樂須及春。 I must make merry before the Spring is spent.
我歌月徘徊。 To the songs I sing the moon flickers her beams;
我舞影零亂。 In the dance I weave my shadow tangles and breaks.
醒時同交歡。 While we were sober, three shared the fun;
醉後各分散。 Now we are drunk, each goes their way.
永結無情遊。 May we long share our eternal friendship,
相期邈雲漢。 And meet at last on the Cloudy River of the sky.
First time I saw this poem was in a Norwegian book. I fell for it immediately. If you give it some thoughts, you will understand it in a way no others can.

Jeg tar en flaske vin og går ut blant blomstene
for å drikke den.
Vi er alltid tre som er sammen -
skyggen min og min venn den skinnende månen.

Heldigvis vet ikke månen noe om drikking,
og min skygge er aldri tørst.
Når jeg synger, lytter månen til meg i stillhet.
Når jeg danser, danser skyggen min også.

Etter alle festlige anledninger må gjestene skille lag.
Den sørgmodige kjenner jeg ikke.
Når jeg går hjem, er månen med meg
og skyggen min følger meg. Read more

mandag 3. august 2009

My first youtube vid

The quality got sucky when I uploaded it there, still have to learn the trick :P
Anyway. Here's me running through DM speedy. I usually clear all the mobs since I've got a travelers mammoth and can empty my bags right outside the instance.

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Okey, I've been really active here today. I guess I'm bored.

Anywho, as you've probably noticed I'm a wow gamer. And I do the tad more.. Weird stuff to. Right now I'm working on the achievement "Insane in the Membrane". And yes, it sure is insane.. Think I've done 100 Dire Maul runs the last three days, and I'm not even close to be done!
Flowers to be collected to make decks for Darkmoon faire reputation, farming for extreme low drop items e.g. But I won't give up. I first saw my Guild leader with the "the Insane" title, and I got so jealous!

Tips for this achievement if you're a skinner:
  • Kill all the damn mastiff's that looks like hyena's and skin them. This will give you Rugged Leather wich you can make Rugged Armor Kit's of. These you can turn in (8 is one turn in) for rep at the Darkmoon faire. This should be done after the first levels of turn in objects. Aka, you should be on friendly somewhere I believe.
And this is what I'm doing now. If I meet other smart multitasking stuff to do, I'll publish them :P

And here's a random screen from my in-game mate. Look at his UI *laughs at him*
Funny situation to thou :)

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Nail polish maniac

One of my hobbies is nail polish! Sooo sometimes I play around with colors. Today I did this:

Some candy pink polish from depend (nr. 158) on the tips, and a random white one for french manicure to make the dots with. Still haven't done the finishing coat on the picture, to seal the dots, make it more shiny and resistant. For now I do everything by hand, thinking of getting some of those metal plates and make some sick patterns. We'll see:) Read more

The almighty hunter class and me

I wish to talk more about the hunter as a class. Many people get recommended to start off with a hunter when they're new. This is something I think is ridiculous.
Fine, if you know the person you're recommending it to, and think they'll suit well in that class go ahead, but to tell them to start with that class because it's easiest is a bucket of crap!

Sure it may be easy since you've got a pet, so yes, it's easy to level with alone. But when you come to the raiding level people will expect much more of you then just sending in the pet and using auto-shot.

I started as a troll mage, I picked her all by myself because I liked the idea of standing far away sending fireballs. I loved it. But since this was on my bf's account I had to pick something new when I got my own account. Second after mage, I wanted a hunter. So I picked one, and yeah, it was because of the pet.

And so the journey began..

I used a lot of resources to get special pets. Like the cute spotted cat in Darkshore. And considering I'm on a PvP realm and was like below level 20, this turned out to be quite an adventure. Ever since then I've experimented with different pets, and now when the Pet talents came, it just opened a new chapter. No more worries about taming cats with prowl to learn the cat you want prowl and so on. It's all so much easier sadly.. But, taming rare spawns in Northrend have balanced it out a little. I still haven't got the chance to tame one thou.

I'll write more about my annoyance over the new patches when 3.2 comes. Read more

søndag 2. august 2009

WoW user interface (UI)

Im starting to get more interested in the UI, sure, i do like the original silver dragons e.g but I want something new.
Atm it looks like this:

The black at the bottom is just chat windows. To the right I've got the social/raid/bg, and left is trade and general.
I'm using Titan panel, Xperl, Bartender4, Sexymap for looks. (titanpanel is much more then looks thou, its super practical, everyone should have it)

Other addons I fancy is;
Karthus's hunter timers
(i think that's the one with the mend pet cool down, yeah I'm pretty sure), GatherMate, Cartographer, Routes, Gatherer (yes, I feel I need two gather addons lol), Atlasloot Enhanced, Auction Profit, Auctionater, Auctioneer, FloAspectBar (I belive this one is crashing with Zhuntermod wich I also have) , FloTotemBar, Questhelper, Overachiever, Omen threatmeter, Deadly boss mod, Healbot (for my druid), MetaHud, MetaMap, Ratingbuster, Talented, Atlas and Altoholic.

The ones with bold text is the must ones for me. I can barely play without them musts :P
This probably looks like a mess. And if you've got any good addon tips for me, mainly multitasking ones and for hunter and druid, just holler. Read more

onsdag 15. juli 2009

My first words, yay!

So I've made a new blog! I'm sticking to English in a desperate hope for me to improve my English writing more. And for the people i know that doesn't speak Norwegian, yet ;)

Basically what I'll be writing about is a few product reviews, WoW related bullcrap and what I ate for breakfast. Mmm fascinating. So stay tuned, or not. Whatever. I like writing for myself, so this just might be my confessions to the internet, or just a "diary".

Let's write a little about me, shall we?
Hello, I'm Elrania *dam dam daaaam* and guess what sex it is? A girl!! Congratulations.
For the moment I just turned 20 years old, and I live in Norway. As you've probably figured by now. My spare time goes mainly to Blizzard Entertainment, so does the cash. So if you're interested in that, feel free to discuss with me, or give me a "Hunterwep!".
I'm also rather interested in furnitures, and animals. And cars. Andandand. I can keep this one going.

yaarrrrrgobble! for now Read more