onsdag 15. juli 2009

My first words, yay!

So I've made a new blog! I'm sticking to English in a desperate hope for me to improve my English writing more. And for the people i know that doesn't speak Norwegian, yet ;)

Basically what I'll be writing about is a few product reviews, WoW related bullcrap and what I ate for breakfast. Mmm fascinating. So stay tuned, or not. Whatever. I like writing for myself, so this just might be my confessions to the internet, or just a "diary".

Let's write a little about me, shall we?
Hello, I'm Elrania *dam dam daaaam* and guess what sex it is? A girl!! Congratulations.
For the moment I just turned 20 years old, and I live in Norway. As you've probably figured by now. My spare time goes mainly to Blizzard Entertainment, so does the cash. So if you're interested in that, feel free to discuss with me, or give me a "Hunterwep!".
I'm also rather interested in furnitures, and animals. And cars. Andandand. I can keep this one going.

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