onsdag 20. oktober 2010

Short nails French-O-Rama

Since my index finger have made it difficult to apply full colours, I've used french manis all the time. A thin nail art bush is essential for applying french tips on short nails if you don't use those french tip guidance stickers.
I actually can't go shorter then on the pink tip picture. Since I've had long nails all my life I have skin that grows outward, and so cutting them shorter = cut skin and bleed. I have filed off some of the newest skin but yeah, can't go shorter! And thanks god for that.. I've had issues living normal without them. Picking up my contact lenses takes like 5 more minutes then normal since I used my long nails as lens tweezers.  Short nails are practical they say.. Pfffh!

I'm not sure what I was thinking with this one really.. But I can tell you that it got removed fairly quickly. lol

This morning I woke up to snow. Yay! I love snow, so in the evening I pulled on my less then a year old Joan of Arctic while I was humming "these boots are made for walking". I walked out the door with lots of confidence, I'd been waiting soo long to finally use these boots. After 10min of strolling in the snow I was starting to get blisters, but I kept going for another 5min but then I had to surrender and I turned my nose home. After 5 more minutes I sat down on a pile of snow and tucked my jeans around my heals to minimize the friction, and barely made it back home.
I guess they need another year or two on getting comfy!

Good night folks :)

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