tirsdag 12. oktober 2010

Nail polish break

I have to take a week or three off and when I return you'll find nail art for short nails.. Meanwhile I'll be posting some things about WoW since patch 4.0.1 is coming tonight and all that.

The reason for this break is that my nail broke. It didn't just break, it ripped down so far any nail on my body ever have. It hurts so bad girls.. I did this in my sleep, and I have no idea how! I'm a really calm sleeper when my cats sleep at the end, which one of them did. Suddenly I woke up with this incredible pain and noticed my nail. In the halfsleep I was, I ripped it off instead of cutting it. Probably not the best idea.

Picture for those specially interested. lol

With this I warn you. Never, NEVER.. Use nail glue on a rift far down on your nail. I believe this is what made my nail so strong, and too strong and hard nails is not good at all.

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