tirsdag 26. oktober 2010

GOSH Ocean

Hello guys! I'm still alive and kicking. I've been busy the last couple of days helping my dad out with renovating the house (oh well, I'm just cleaning and painting), and it seems that all inspiration broke off with my index nail. lol.
Also, I got my headless horseman mount! yay

Anyway, I dug in my collection last night and decided to wear this little baby. I'm not really into polishes with frost finishes (screams old lady imo), but this one is sort of like an iridescent frosty so it's really pretty. And green! Application is okey, the brush tend to pick up too much polish for me thou.
Onto the pictures, it's difficult to get a true match but it changes a bit colour from green to more blue depending on the light. Looks more blue on the pics, but in real life it's more green most of the time. And super shiny! Almost like a foil. Hmm.. frost iridescent foil polish? *faint*

Great for Halloween or something if you're going as a mermaid ;)

Three coats with top coat. A tad slobby application and unfriendly cuticles/camera.

GOSH is a Danish brand, and there's not really any good places online that sells these products I think. If you're in Scandinavia you can find them in several stores.

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