lørdag 28. august 2010

TV shows

I just wanted to make a post about the shows I'm watching and recommend to others. Click the read more button for my list.

In random order, but added "Must see" behind the ones I really recommend to anyone.

The Big Bang Theory - Funniest sitcom around. A show about a gang of geeks and a pretty girl. Must see.

Haven - Sci-fi show based on Stephen King's Colorado Kid. This is a show full of odd events. SK style.

Eureka - Eureka! This show is pure genius. Based in a town full of science and smart people, and a sheriff that doesn't understand squad compared to the rest of them. Must see.

Hung - Show about a high school coach being a male prostitute. Need I say more?

True Blood - I didn't think True Blood was anything for me until I watched it. Great show with vampires, werewolfs, pigs, blood, sexy men.. You name it. A Show with a lot of action. Must see.

The Vampire Diaries - A more "cozy" vampire show. Not sure what to say, but like most vampire related things, there's sexy men here as well. Brothers even.

Warehouse 13 - This one gets linked to Eureka somewhere along the line. Special agents hunting for dangerous and fun artefacts.

Weeds - About a widowed mother trying to make everything go around. Getting deeper into illegal businesses. Very good show. Must see.

Chuck - Hot nerd herd geek, turning into a special agent. Love it. Must see.

The Gates - Behind the gates lies a safe community. However, you will find vampires and werewolfs here aswell.

South Park - Most perfectly created animation ever made. Full of rudeness and curse words. Must see.

The Simpsons - Who's not familiar with this funny animation family? Still going strong.

The Desperate Housewives - This show is underrated by men, imo. Drama and secrets makes a good show.

Gary Unmarried - Funny sitcom about the divorced dad, Gary.

According to Jim - Another funny sitcom about Jim and his family. Adult/fart humour.

Two and a Half Man - Aaand another funny sitcom about two brother living in a Malibu beach house. The drunk and the divorced dad.

How I met your mother - More funny sitcoms, this one about a gang of friends. Every personality different and funny.

The Secret Life of the American Teenager - I watch it, but I do not recommend it! It's a horribly slow show full of sticky drama and monotone talk.

Pssssst, http://eztv.it/ makes following shows super easy.

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