mandag 16. august 2010

Settled in

So I'm finally beginning to settle in from the vacation. A lot of IKEA furniture had to be assembled, I'm painting a cabinet and building a cat tower condo thingie, at once. So, phew.
Added a new function I think, it's still under maintenance, but if you want to see pictures, there should be a link right below. Also, I added Disqus comment boxes, so all previous comments are wiped out. But I bet it will be worth it.

The Cabin and around (near Nordfjordeid, Norway)


From the roadtrip (pictures along the way to Alvdal). The biggest mountains you can find west in Norway, Rauma. The flats you can find further into the country in Folldal and Dombås.

Lovely sunset :)

Mommy moose wouldn't stand still

A very pale reindeer

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