lørdag 21. august 2010

Building a cat tower..

We're soon finished with building the cat tower now! If you want to read the story behind all this and see pic, click the read more button below.
I think Fenris is happy :)

The reason why I'm building this tower is that every kitten I've ever had, pee on it at first. So I've already thrown out two big ones (kittens can become very expensive, lol), and now I'm reusing some of the pieces (read: caves and scratch poles) and I've used material from an old desk, and lopsided poles my dad won't use while he's renovating the apartment upstairs. All I've bought is some fabric and 30m of rope.

This have taken some time to do, and it's not even close to looking like my sketches! But it feels so good to do something for the cats. Reminds me, almost every nail polish blogger I've come across have cats. Fun fun.

What's left? Some extra pieces of wood to support it more, and finish up wrapping the rope around the poles. My fingers are sore!

Now I'm taking a break to eat pancakes with blueberries I picked at my cabin. Nomnom!

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