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Incoco, Sinderella

As some of you know, I was trying out Incoco's dry nail polish when I went on a vacation this year. This is a nail polish that comes precut and flexible to just apply on the nail without any other tool. They're supposed to last up too 14 days.
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Application and removal

In the package, you'll find an easy step by step and a polish remover cloth.
Every strip of nail polish have two sizes, which is perfect if you have both square shaped and oval shaped cuticles like me. They're also in many widths, so they will fit everything from wide to slim nails.
I had some trouble finding the perfect way for me to apply these, so I got wrinkles on 8 of 10 nails. But you'll get the hang of it, it's not really that hard to apply as the strips are very flexible and wont stick well without a little pressure.
These strips contains top and base coat, so you won't even need to touch a bottle.
The removal is a pain.. The cloth that comes with it is utterly useless in my opinion, and I used probably 4-5 pads with acetone to get it off entirely.


Sinderella is a gooorgeous colour that suits everything. Very classy! The shine and colour stayed safe as long as I wore them.


Okey.. So I put these on the ultimate test. Here's how it all went downish.

Day 2: Washed the car with water and sponge, and the inside.
Day 3: Packing and going on a roadtrip. Harsh antibac gels used often.
Day 4: IKEA shopping, packing into the car (and 4 furnitures + extras is actually quite a challenge to shove into a Honda Civic).
Day 5: Unpacking and assembling some of the furniture.
Day 6: Scraping paint for probably 3 hours.
Day 7 and 8: More scraping and painting.
Day 9: Clean the cabin, and empty the outhouse.

How did they look after all this? Well, it started to crack on day 6, I've added a picture. But the polish stayed on the nail, nothing chipped or fell off. Amazing!
The polish stayed unchanged after day 6, except from some paint that got stuck in the cracks. Looked like cracking polish :)
I got some wear on the tips in the process of tearing off the excess polish, but that was my fault.

These are a little expensive for all year wear and horrible to remove, but perfect for vacations and festivals! Just like I predicted :)
Just be sure you have an acetone remover.

Day 3, looks the same as day 1

Day 6, looks the same as day 9

Thank you Incoco for letting me try these.

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