onsdag 25. august 2010

How WoW is treating me

Me and an in-game friend of my decided to do the first boss in TBC raid Karazhan in hopes of getting the mount he drops. Attumen the huntsman is the proud owner of the female horse Midnight, and the mount that drops have her looks,
Fiery Warhorse's Reins.

Attumen is pretty easy to do, at least when you're two. We do these sorts of farming in two ways:

1. My hunter and her bear Cutiepaij as tank in the BM specc, and my friend as a mage in frost specc for more survival.
2. My hunter as pure dps in survival specc, and my friend as a protection paladin.

To make it smooth without any risk of dying, we went with option 2.

Attumen have three phases. First you have to attack Midnight which is neutral. After you hit on her for a little while, Attumen comes to the rescue.
Now you have the both of them in front of you, just nuke one of them and he will mount Midnight before he or she dies and you're at the last phase. There might spawn some of the horses you previously killed during a fight, nukenukenuke. More nuking. Loot and hope for the mount.

I won the roll and got the mount.

Want to know the funny part? The day after, my friend got  Deathcharger's Reins which drops of Baron Rivendare inside Stratholme.I think Blizzard have heard our calls.

Here the proud ones stand, me to the left of course.

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