mandag 7. juni 2010

Sunset sparkle

Last night I finally found a good use for NYX Glitter On the Go! I didn't like these for use as makeup really, since you have to pack it on pretty thickly to get the peachy colour. So I decided to try them out with nail polish, and recommend giving it a try.

And here's the result. I'm pretty satisfied, although the glitter would probably go on smoother if acrylic gel is used (my nails are pretty gritty right now and cling on to a lot of stuff, lol!). But it's easy and cute.

What I did basically was:
  1. Apply basecoat
  2. Cover tips with clear polish or a translucent polish with matching colour of the glitter (one tip of the time)
  3. Pack on glitter with a brush
  4. Apply topcoat on the tips
  5. Carefully place images on the nails either using the topcoat as glue, or nail glue
  6. Put some rhinestones on
  7. Apply topcoat on entire nail

(Please ignore my cuticles, I have a bad habit of biting on them.. Sigh)

Here's the products I used:
Vivalanails water decals (They just didn't want to work with me, so I glued them on)
Rhinestonewheel from eBay (0.99$ inc. shipping!)
NYX Glitter On the Go, Sunset
Brush and tweezers
And a top coat to seal it

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