søndag 6. juni 2010

Face primer review

I've been testing out the green Bodyography Veil Foundation Primer. I bought this at Feelunique.
It comes in six shades:
Green - To reduce redness and blotchiness
Purple - To reduce dullness and bright up the complexion
Neutral - Hint of yellow to conceal undereye circles and give warmth
Clear - Anti age and somewhat sun protection
Tahitian Glow - Bronzer effect with shimmer
Monaco Matte - Bronzer effect without shimmer

So I chose the green one since my skin is very red because of rosacea and environmental sensitivity.
The container feels luxurious and a big plus for the pump. One pump gives enough product for the entire face, and it goes on smoothly and smells good. Minus for added perfume – I could do without the good smell to avoid that ingredient. The product looks and feels dry, but on the skin it's not dry if that makes sense. And of course it's a very green product! Don't worry about looking like Shrek when applying it, a little massaging and it will blend nicely with your skin.

Does it cover the redness? Like most green products that isn't a concealer, not much. And I understand that, otherwise I bet many people who bought the product would look green in a negative way. So in all it's okey.

Does it reduce blotchiness? Yepp! On my rosacea-related blotchiness (usually after a shower or a work out) it soothes and camouflages it.

Does it work well as a primer? I use mineral makeup only, and when I use this product.. No more cakey makeup! I've always had that problem on my cheeks. Or is that scaley perhaps.. Anyway, the makeup lasts all day and doesn't even run noticeably when I'm sweating like a pig working out.

I don't recommend using a primer every day since your skin needs to breathe, neither have it broken me out yet nor aggravated my case of perioral dermatitis (in fear of that happening I only use it 2ish times a week).


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