onsdag 30. juni 2010

Fimo canes

I received my package from eBay with these fimo canes yesterday. The canes are made of polymer clay, and they're fun to work with.
They come in various designs, and fruits are very popular. I didn't buy a mix pack with any thou, since I just bought the cheapest so I could try it out, but there's still many cute designs, and an apple. lol

You can cut these in pretty much what ever thickness you want. Be sure to use a very thin and supersharp knife. If you want them really thin you might want to roll the cane in the palm of your hands to heat it up a little.

I totally recommend trying these. They say you can get up to 50 slices from one cane, at least the ones I bought, and they're very cheap on eBay.

Low budget approved

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