fredag 25. juni 2010

Cheap polish brand: Jordana, Boy Oh Boy

I have no idea what's up with this polish. The other formulas from Jordana that I've tried goes on okey. This one on the other hand, is very hard to spread evenly and it goes on a little streaky. And the colour on the pics looks blue, really blue. This is a teal, with more green hue then you can see on these pics if you even spot anything green here, lol. So it's not picture safe, that's for sure.

Still a very gorgeous colour thou and highly pigmented, so I would recommend buying them with nail art as a purpose, unless you don't mind cursing over the application. I mean it, I've never made so much mess when applying polish before (maybe when I was 12yo). If you already do cleanups, I guess your safe. But I don't, soo.. *Splaett* all over.

Two coats w/o top coat, daylight

Two coats w/o top coat, flash

Low budget approved for nail art

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