tirsdag 1. juni 2010

Cheap polish brand: Jordana, Fuchsia Flicker

Today I received my order from CC, 11 days shipping and 2 days handling. I ordered various (19) polishes, two blushes and two lipsticks. From L.A colors, NYX and the brand I hadn't heard of before, Jordana. Reviews of every item is coming up, but let me start with saying: Don't buy Jordana lipsticks!

Okey, I was really impressed with the nailpolishes from Jordana. This is swatches of Jordana Fuchsia Flicker. It's a pretty bright fuchsia pink with sparkles of different shapes. The bottle is 15ml, so you get a lot for your money here.
Application is great, good coverage on the first stroke for this one and I was pleased with two coats. The bottles are of glass and looks more expensive then they are.

I recommend trying it! But be aware of chipping if you don't use a high quality top coat.

Low budget approved

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