lørdag 12. juni 2010

Budget makeup brushes

I know many girls out there are wishing for cheaper brushes then Mac and Sigma, but when you chose to go far below their prices you might end up with brushes that don't work. Yeah, don't work. They're stiff, won't pick up product and shed like a cat during springtime.

I decided to try one of the cheap china brushes from eBay. I paid 4,99$ for the brushes, and 7,99$ for shipping (85NOK total). Off to a good start eh? Brushes cheaper then the shipping. This one.
My hopes were low.

When I first removed the plastic caps from the facebrushes, I literally dropped my jaw. I got covered in bristles! They shed like crahaaazy.
I went ahead and washed them carefully, more bristles fell out but it seems like they calmed down after a while. It's like a lot of them just didn't make the cut. After I washed and dried them, I trimmed some of the brushes because one or two bristles was longer then the rest. They smell like.. Spicy paint, too. Yuk. I recommend washing them good with a scented soap. And remember to ALWAYS put the facebrushes into their plastic caps, even when they're moist from the "bath". They need all the help they can get to stay in shape.

The eyeshadow brushes are a way too flat, so they don't really pick up much shadow. They're pretty soft thou. E.l.f's eyeshadow brushes are better.

I however enjoy the angled brush, and smudge.. sponge? Yeah. the pointy black sponge. It's great to remove harsh lines from the eyeliner, and the angled ones I use on my brows. Tiny concealer brushes (actually lip brushes I believe) works okey too, with mineral makeup.

But despite all this, there are many brushes to choose from and they are not as stiff as many cheap brushes are. If you're like me and don't use much makeup, I think this is an OK purchase, although spending a little more for higher quality is more then recommended. Or, check out EcoTools.

Here's some pictures showing the truth about the powder brush (angled, smaller powder brush and fan brush is the same deal), but surprisingly still very usable considering they look like crap.

I shook it so it would spread as much as possible

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