søndag 2. august 2009

WoW user interface (UI)

Im starting to get more interested in the UI, sure, i do like the original silver dragons e.g but I want something new.
Atm it looks like this:

The black at the bottom is just chat windows. To the right I've got the social/raid/bg, and left is trade and general.
I'm using Titan panel, Xperl, Bartender4, Sexymap for looks. (titanpanel is much more then looks thou, its super practical, everyone should have it)

Other addons I fancy is;
Karthus's hunter timers
(i think that's the one with the mend pet cool down, yeah I'm pretty sure), GatherMate, Cartographer, Routes, Gatherer (yes, I feel I need two gather addons lol), Atlasloot Enhanced, Auction Profit, Auctionater, Auctioneer, FloAspectBar (I belive this one is crashing with Zhuntermod wich I also have) , FloTotemBar, Questhelper, Overachiever, Omen threatmeter, Deadly boss mod, Healbot (for my druid), MetaHud, MetaMap, Ratingbuster, Talented, Atlas and Altoholic.

The ones with bold text is the must ones for me. I can barely play without them musts :P
This probably looks like a mess. And if you've got any good addon tips for me, mainly multitasking ones and for hunter and druid, just holler.

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