mandag 24. august 2009

My cat died

Depressing. A asshole ran him over and left him there.. Some random people found him and called the vet. What sucks here is.. The vet didn't have room in the freezer so they burnt the body quickly after they took it in. And they didn't take a picture of the cat, all the info we got was "he was black and white". I know it was my dear Gizmo, but the way they did this is awful.. Wish I could say goodbye to him, he was my best friend.. *sigh*

Guess I'll take in a new cat that's in desperate need of a home. We'll see what the future brings.

But I will never forget my dear Gizmo..

After some thinking, I must conclude that this is the worst loss I've had in my life for now. It's weird, that one of the closets creatures in my life was my this cat. Or maybe it isn't, I don't know.

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