mandag 3. august 2009

The almighty hunter class and me

I wish to talk more about the hunter as a class. Many people get recommended to start off with a hunter when they're new. This is something I think is ridiculous.
Fine, if you know the person you're recommending it to, and think they'll suit well in that class go ahead, but to tell them to start with that class because it's easiest is a bucket of crap!

Sure it may be easy since you've got a pet, so yes, it's easy to level with alone. But when you come to the raiding level people will expect much more of you then just sending in the pet and using auto-shot.

I started as a troll mage, I picked her all by myself because I liked the idea of standing far away sending fireballs. I loved it. But since this was on my bf's account I had to pick something new when I got my own account. Second after mage, I wanted a hunter. So I picked one, and yeah, it was because of the pet.

And so the journey began..

I used a lot of resources to get special pets. Like the cute spotted cat in Darkshore. And considering I'm on a PvP realm and was like below level 20, this turned out to be quite an adventure. Ever since then I've experimented with different pets, and now when the Pet talents came, it just opened a new chapter. No more worries about taming cats with prowl to learn the cat you want prowl and so on. It's all so much easier sadly.. But, taming rare spawns in Northrend have balanced it out a little. I still haven't got the chance to tame one thou.

I'll write more about my annoyance over the new patches when 3.2 comes.

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