mandag 3. august 2009


Okey, I've been really active here today. I guess I'm bored.

Anywho, as you've probably noticed I'm a wow gamer. And I do the tad more.. Weird stuff to. Right now I'm working on the achievement "Insane in the Membrane". And yes, it sure is insane.. Think I've done 100 Dire Maul runs the last three days, and I'm not even close to be done!
Flowers to be collected to make decks for Darkmoon faire reputation, farming for extreme low drop items e.g. But I won't give up. I first saw my Guild leader with the "the Insane" title, and I got so jealous!

Tips for this achievement if you're a skinner:
  • Kill all the damn mastiff's that looks like hyena's and skin them. This will give you Rugged Leather wich you can make Rugged Armor Kit's of. These you can turn in (8 is one turn in) for rep at the Darkmoon faire. This should be done after the first levels of turn in objects. Aka, you should be on friendly somewhere I believe.
And this is what I'm doing now. If I meet other smart multitasking stuff to do, I'll publish them :P

And here's a random screen from my in-game mate. Look at his UI *laughs at him*
Funny situation to thou :)

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