lørdag 22. august 2009

BlizzCon 2009

So, I've been following BlizzCon this weekend, and they've shared a lot about the next WoW expansion Cataclysm. What I find fascinating is some of the changes, lets take Hunter e.g. No more Mana! I was like.. OMG! Finally! But then they say Focus instead.. Hm.. Rogue focus is 10 oc, and the hunter will be 6 oc, but 12 while using Steady Shot. I'm not sure. I really have the hang of using my viper and mana pots, but now I need to think about focus. (they better make some good thistle tea!) Not quite what I signed up for, so we'll see if I'm sticking 100% to hunter after the expansion.

Goblins, I think these will rule in PvP. Their race abilities are kind of awesome imo. They have the ability to shoot forward, like the hunters disengage just the other way. And some sort of rocket damage, bleh, don't remember exactly. And a bankbot, available every 30min. Think I'm gonna make a Goblin Warlock. Wonder if I could transfer my undead.. Then I will also transfer my Tauren druid to male troll druid! Ah, how I loooove male trolls. Anywho. Speaking of Warlock (and Mage), NO MORE SPIRIT!

You might think Goblin abilities is imba compared to some of the good old race abilities, but they said something about boosting those as well. My impression is that they're trying to make everything more equal, and hella easier. Sigh. I hope this doesn't mean even more 10 year old children start to play.

All in all, I'm extremely happy they make the gear a lot more class to class spesific, making agility AP +2 (only for hunters, rogues, druids and shamans). I mean.. Aren't you sick of paladins/warriors/DK's that need on your fucking Mail?? And not to forget the typically, and I quote: "uuh, I need for Offspecc, noob. I need Attack power just as much as you do" *logs off*. After the expansion they can officially be cald ninjas, all of those fuckers. Go find yourself some strength instead.

And the costume contest. Wth.. Okey, 1st and 2nd place were actually the best costumes. But did you see 3rd? Haha, looks like he had taken a swim in some cardboard and stuffed a lamp in there. And what's the deal with females aaaalways doing succubus? It's starting to get so freaking old now. Since there's like 5 of them every year (random number), it looks more desperate for attention, then an actual costume contest.

That's all i have about that for now. I will probably write more as the second day of BlizzCon is tonight. Ozzy concert baby!!

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