onsdag 12. august 2009

Ingredients in daily products

I have finally opened my eyes for what I'm using on my skin. I got a small shampoo sample with my magazine the other day, so called Sunsilk mineral shampoo. I don't know what to say.. Number two on the ingredient list (after aqua) is sodium laureth sulfate. I don't know what you guys know about this particular ingredient but get this, it is dangerous and extremely irritating. It disturbs your hormones, which can lead to breast cancer even. Give it a google and see what you get.
The scary part is, a lot of people uses these products without knowing anything. You will probably find it in tons of the cheap soaps e.g at the super market.
I believe it also was illegal to use a while.. I want that law back!

So for next time, check the ingredients and don't trust the word natural on any products. It's not natural before you can grow it yourself ;)

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