onsdag 31. mars 2010

To make the holidays past faster

Holidays have always been a little difficult in my dysfunctional family. So today I decided to just crank up the volume and exercise. Exergame? ;)
The bicycle sucks btw. If it weren't for the wonderful decorations I would throw it out. I can't really push much before it breaks or something, so I just move my arms alot to make my heart pump. On shore swimmer. 30 min with that, 30 min of weightlifting and various moves on the floor is what I do when there's alot of people outside. Dislike sweatin' in public.

On-floor moves today:
The plank
Push-up (my wrists really can't handle these. I do them on my knuckles instead)
Random pilates moves I don't know the name of

And my meal after my easygoing exercises is this: Protein Delite (delicious, but I recommend shifting out the strawberrychunks, yuk) 1 scoop. Noka Dietshake (to make it more of a meal then proteinshake. Noka is high in carbs, that's why I replace a little with protein) 1/2 scoop Strawberry and 1 scoop Vanilla mixed with 2,5dl milk. Yummy.

*Keeps pumpin' for that fab bikini ass*

And I promise this has nothing to do with the huge easteregg! Haha

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