fredag 12. mars 2010

A blog I read every day

Say hello to Heidi! She started this blog not to long ago, and I've been following her from before she started it, on a forum. Yeah, I was secretly stalking you girl.
She blogs mainly about makeup, and there's some fun personal life entries aswell. I think she's more down to earth and more friendly then many other beauty bloggers around. I like the design aswell, very girly and cute, but the header is like a tough girly header.

Defiantly in my top 3 blogs I visit, out of 6. So I recommend all of you that is into beauty blogs to pay her a visit. The blog is Norwegian, but hey, what CAN'T google do?

Oh, and my motive behind this entry is a contest. But that's okey, I don't mind making one about her. She deserves it!

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