onsdag 31. mars 2010


So yesterday I was all alone, I got to the point of boredom where I dug out my N64 (I chose the yellow controller since it's easter and all ;) no.. I didn't. I just love the yellow one). As you can see, it's all dusty. Now, I never had many games to old N64, but I did have two more games. Mario and Yoshi. But guess what.. When my dad cleaned out of the loft to rebuild the entire thing (to make a new room for me, so I don't hold a huge grudge), he tossed literally everything out. Included my two games. So yesterday I Mario carted a little.

As you see, I've still got it ;)

And when I woke up today, a huge egg was tossed on the bed. Ai.. That's alot of candy. The little egg inside the big egg is my creation. /flex
I hate when sugarcandy blends with chocolate. Phuh.

And a tiny aquarium was the other thing I woke up to. Which as you can see, my cat LOVES. She's been staring at it for two hours straight now I think. Yes it looks dirty. The pump is working on cleaning it and then we're adding more water.

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