onsdag 17. mars 2010

Go Go Marble

My newest attempt on watermarbling my nails. This is a messy operation at first, but you will get the hang of it!

What you need:
Basecolour (white in my case)
Colours of your choice (I chose pink, white and plum)
Toothpick or other slim tool
Bowl of water (eventhou I use a rectangular bowl, I recommend a round one)
Nailpolish remover

There are many videos on youtube on how to do this process. Here is one on fake nails, but it's the same as doing it on real nails. Just dip it in there. To avoid too much mess on your finger, you can tape around the nail, or smear some vaseline (petroleum jelly) on you fingers.
The thing about having a round bowl, is so the nailpolish gets to stick on the walls. If this doesn't occur, the polish will clump together if you try to drag the outer most layer invert.

You can see that my thumb have a lot more going on, this is because it got dipped alone. To save time and polish, I dipped the remaining four fingers in at the same time.

Mmmm.. Milk Duds

Result, kinda creepy with the pasted thumb. lol

My water container (use lukewarm water, cold water makes the polishes dry faster)

The polishes (I used a basecoat to, but it's old and I don't want to show you which one it is) :P

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