søndag 14. februar 2010

iHerb and my valentines present

To clear things out, no, this is not about pot.
This site iHerb, is genius when it comes to natural products. Beware that some countries don't allow all of the ingredients, so check that out with your customs first if you're ordering a product with ingredients you haven't heard of. On your first order you can use the code SOL184 and you will get 5$ off, and I will get rewarded with a commission according to your order. Win win ;)

I've just ordered a new refill of Jojobaoil and a bottle of castor oil. Cheap sheep!

Over to Valentines day, I actually got two things (one of them as a patch for last year). A necklace and new winterboots. Mmm them boots.. They've been out of stock for ages in most stores in my size. Why do I have such normal feet? Damnit. But we managed to find the US store Gander Mountain. Yay! So now I'm waiting for them to be shipped trough JetCarrier. Can barely wait to have my hands on them. My sweet babies.

Look at them (I'm getting them in dark brown)! So bulky, love it.

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